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Furnish Your Home are different from other furniture companies. Our strength lies in how we source the great quality furniture and then being able to supply them to you at the most competitive price without compromising on the quality. We have all heard the stories surrounding flat pack furniture, but we assure you when you buy direct form us, our products can be assembled with minimum effort, ease and time.

However, we appreciate everyone is busy and the last thing on a person's mind when they are free is not assembling furniture! We are on hand to help with assembling furniture purchased from Furnish Your Home. If you need assistance our friends over at Homeserve are more than happy to assemble your furniture for you.

Homeserve are independent to Furnish Your Home but they are reliable, friendly and willing. Everything you need when it comes to assembling furniture. Oh, not to forget they also have the patience!

They offer a furniture assembling service at very competitive prices. Why not give them a call today on 01384 473000, alternatively visit their website

If you would like assembly instructions for an items you've purchased please email 

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