10 ways to add a pop of colour to your living room

Colour can be incredibly scary, especially if neutral tones are your thing. But, it doesn’t have to be. A touch of colour here and there can bring huge amounts of personality to your home, as well as creating a much more inviting and friendly atmosphere. But, you don’t have to go mad. Here is how to easily add a pop of colour to your living room, without it being too much.

1. Paint the back of a bookcase
Bring your bookshelf to life with a pop of colour. If your bookcase is a neutral tone, liven up the shelves and back with colour. Pastel colour’s work well, but use brighter tones if you’re wanting to create something eye catching. With a hint of colour, items on the bookshelves will appear much more prominent and important, so use the excuse of showing off your favourite items. If you’re feeling daring, why not paint each shelf different?

2. Hang artwork and picture frames
Bring some personality, as well as colour, to your living room by hanging up pieces of art and pictures. There’s no need to go overboard, but it is incredible how a piece of art can bring a room together. If you’re not really into art, why not cover the walls with pictures of your family and friends. You could even paint the frames all different colours to create a focal point of the room.

3. Colourful curtains
You are more than allowed to keep your living room fairly simple if you add statement curtains to the room. Whether it is floral or geometric patterns, or glamorous velvet additions, just make sure they are packed full of colour, they will make your living room look much more interesting.

4. Have fun with pillows and throws
Don’t be afraid to experiment with pillows and throws as they can really bring the room that extra touch that it has been craving. Look for a whole range to really spruce up your living room, whether it be florals and patterns or block bold colours. Add a few to your sofa and chairs, as well as a couple of throws, and your living room will not only look super homely, but also warm and inviting.

5. Spruce up a mirror
Add a huge mirror to the room and place it against a bare wall. Try upcycling the mirror and bringing it to life with colour. For a fun look, try bright pinks and blues. Alternatively, for a glam look, paint the frame rose gold or deep purple. By doing so, the mirror will reflect the other colours from around the room and make the space feel warm, cosy and much bigger. You could also add fairy lights to the mirror and make it the statement piece of your home.

6. Add colourful furniture
Nothing quite makes a statement like a colourful cabinet or chair. Not only will it bring the room together well, it will also be a super cool focal point of the room. Try bold colours, like orange, red, purple and bright blue to create a modern and fashionable vibe in the room.

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7. Paint one wall
There’s no need to paint every inch of room if colour isn’t really your forte. However, by choosing just one wall to paint, it will make the room look livelier. Wall’s that tend to work best with a spot of paint are where the mirror, fireplace or TV sits, as the colour will bring more attention to the main parts of the room.

8. Add plants and flowers
You could always try adding colour to your living room by bringing nature indoors. Kit the room out in super stylish Fiddleleaf Fig’s, Common Fig’s and Olive Tree’s, all of which can grow indoors. Make them even more exciting by placing them in statement, colourful pots. Alternatively, keep the room fresh with flowers. If you’re not very good at looking after them, try artificial plants and flowers around the room.

9. Paint the ceiling or floor
Walls and cabinets aren’t the only things that look cooler with a spot of paint. Why not paint your ceiling or floor a bright colour for a wow factor in your home. If you’re wanting a cosy and homely vibe, try reds and blues. However, if you’re aiming for a more minimalistic look, try using pretty pastel colours.

10. Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!
If you’re keen to keep your living room simple and minimalist, spread colourful accessories across the room instead. Try placing a few colourful candles around the room next to statement lamps, trinkets from your travels and your record player. Not only will they bring a focal point to the room, it will show that you’re not totally afraid of a hint of colour every now and then.