11 ways to get your home ready for Christmas

The Christmas Tree and decorations are up, all the presents have been almost wrapped and you’re spending a lot of time in the local supermarket getting enough food and drink for everyone to enjoy from the days leading up to Christmas, right through to New Year; It’s Christmas after all!

Although it is the most wonderful time of the year, there is always a lot of preparations to get on with before you can finally sit back and relax. As well as the cooking prep, here’s the other ways to get your home ready for Christmas…

In the kitchen…

Get rid of clutter and throw out of date things away
You’re going to need a lot of kitchen space over Christmas. From all the cooking and snacks to the drinks for you and your guests to enjoy. It’s time to start decluttering your kitchen. Go around the cupboards and be ruthless with what you decide to keep. If you haven’t used particular herbs and spices for months, or have a whole cupboard dedicated to items you ‘might’ eat eventually, throw them out. They are only taking up room that you will need over the festive season.

Store non-essentials away
Whether it’s the Kitchen Aid, the mug stand or the decorative pieces; try to only keep out what you will actually need and use over the Christmas and New Year celebrations. If you have a garage or washing room, store the non-essentials away in there. If it looks bare to begin with, just remember that you will be thankful you did it when plates and glasses start piling up.

Make sure everyone knows what is for Christmas and what isn’t
A common for most homes at Christmas; what on earth has got to wait until Christmas and what can we eat and drink now?! So there’s no confusion, keep the Christmas treats separate from the rest of the biscuits, crisps and drink options. Alternatively, label what needs to wait until Christmas, so there’s no excuse if it’s all gone by 10 days before the big day.

In the living room…

Get ruthless
There’s no denying that the living room will be the heart of the home over Christmas. It’s probably where you’re going to open all the presents, and where you’re all going to relax with a Christmas classic on the TV. So it’s time to get sorting. Give the DVD’s and CD’s that you haven’t played in years to your local charity shop and have a think about how else you can make room for new things. If you need to have a move around to make sure more guests can get in, then do so.

Storage storage storage!
Much like the kitchen, it’s best to store the non-essentials away. So whether that is the decorative trinkets or the pets toys; try to only keep out what you are going to need. Therefore, the kids will have plenty of room to play with new toys, as well as squeezing all the guests in.

Have black bags at the ready
Although you want Christmas morning to be magical, it’s also a super fast and busy day, so make sure you are prepared beforehand to be able to smoothly move from one activity to the next. Make sure you have the black bags at the ready for all the wrapping paper and packaging to get rid of once the presents have been opened. Not only will it keep the room clean, it will also mean that you won’t have to do it later on in the day when there’s even more things to do.

In the guest room…

Tidy the wardrobe
If you use the wardrobe in the guest room to keep your summer and occasional clothes, make sure that there is still plenty of room for your guests to put a few outfits in. Even if they are only staying a night or two, make sure that there is room for them to hang their clothes so they feel welcomed. If you’re unsure of where to put your clothes, try vacuum bags and store them away.

Transform the desk into a hair and make-up station
If you use the guest room as a home office, make use of the desk and have it as an area where your guests can get ready. Add a mirror to the desk, as well as a hairdryer and extra touches which are easy to forget about like make-up wipes and brushes, to make your guests feel at home. If the desk itself is cluttered, store what you won’t need away underneath and in draws for a few days.

Towels, linen, blankets
No one wants to get out of the shower and have the dreaded no towel moment. Make sure that you have a basket in the guest room full of towels for at least two days, fresh bed linen, extra pillows and blankets for them to get comfortable. Not only will this make your guests feel welcomed, it will also mean that you won’t have to be catering for their every need 24/7.

Anything else?

It’s worth having a thorough clean of the bathroom before Christmas so you’ll be able to relax over the festive few days. Make sure there is plenty of hair and body products for everyone, as well as essentials like loo roll and toothpaste. It may sound simple, but they are items that are so easy to forget when there are presents and turkeys to buy instead.

If you’re having guests to stay over Christmas, make sure that you have planned all sleeping arrangements beforehand. Therefore, if you need to get pillows and sleeping bags, you know at least a week or so before. Planning will make your life much easier, and when it comes to bedtime, there will be no last-minute arranging.

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