5 Cool Kids' Bedroom Themes

With the kids back at school and out of your hair, now could be the perfect time to spruce up their space. Explore our 5 cool kids' bedroom themes.


From nursery to teens, we have a selection of ideas that will give you the inspiration you may have been looking for.


New beginnings

Whether you sit on the fence with the gender reveal thing or are totally for it, when it comes to interiors, there is a whole host of ways that you can decorate before your bundle of joy arrives.

Choosing not to reveal actually gives you a blank canvas that you can customise to fit any theme or style you want. Picking a colour theme is always a great point of call and of course neutrals will never outdate. You can also easily go with different themes that are suitable for both girls and boys or that a gender specific.

We particularly love the idea of clouds and stars where your palette can include soft yellows and greys with bits of white. Introducing lighting that sets a relaxing tone is also important as this will help bring calm to sleep time. Having a nice chair within the space is also helpful to you.



Stepping stones

As babies grow into toddlers and develop likes and dislikes it can be a great way to get them involved with making their bedroom choices too.

Letting them be as imaginative as possible is great for their development.

We love the idea of walls that give the chance to teach, such as world map themed rooms, animal themed bedrooms and alpha or numeric walls.

We particularly love rooms that are based around something educational as this gets everyone’s creative juices flowing and your child will be learning at the same time.


All grown up

When kids’ find their independence and confidence, give them the chance to show you through their bedroom.

Interactive walls are the best for this and we really like the idea of climbing walls – especially for those who are more adventurous.

Also, why not try creating their very own gallery styled room where you can hang empty frames on the wall ready for them to stick things into the middle of.


Wall Frames Wall Frames



Nearly at that age

When kids are starting to ‘get to that age’ it is a good time to change their room around to meet their needs as they grow into their teen years.

We love having a blank canvas that you can chuck any colour into with a chair or desk or both.

Starting with a blank canvas means your teen and you can decide what to throw in, so here is where more mature themes would come into play. Plus, this allows them to change their space as their tastes and things they are ‘into’ develop. Let’s admit it – we have all had our phases.

We like the idea of something like this as it gives them the space to be creative too.



At that age

Boys or girls, we love the idea of simplicity in a space that gives space for a classic floordrobe! This will also allow your teen to put their own spin on their room as their tastes will be totally different to yours. With the trend of rose gold and strong silvers, it is easy for the millennial generation to fall into the trap of the latest trends.





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