5 Plants That Can Easily Grow Indoors

It’s often difficult to keep up with interior design trends, because there’s just so many great ideas all the time! However, if you’ve missed the ‘urban jungle’ trend, you must have been living under a rock because it is the one that has taken the interior design world by storm this year.

Proud homeowners are exploring with more ways to create a wonderful living space, and often this means bringing the outdoors in to the warmth and comfort of their home. Plants are becoming more of a home accessory than lamps and picture frames nowadays, with many of us constantly on the look out for houseplant inspiration.

You see, not only has it been proved that having plants in a home can help purify the air, help with breathing and improving health, they can also totally transform the mood of a room and make your house a home.

We’ve done some research into what the best houseplants are and the perfect growing conditions are for them…

Peace Lily
Peace Lily’s gorgeous to look at, with big leaves and spoon-shape flowers, which tend to appear during the summer months. However, even in the cooler months, the Peace Lily thrives and is a brilliant houseplant thanks to the fact that it can tolerate low humidity and can cope without much light.

The Peace Lily can grow up to six ft high and five ft wide. For ideal growing conditions, the temperate will need to be between 15-29 degrees celsius.

Snake Plant
For those looking for a super stylish plant to fit into their modern interior, you’ll love a Snake Plant. Not only are they incredibly easy to look after, they have no problem growing almost anywhere. With long, sharp leaves and a beautiful combination of deep green and yellow, it is a perfect plant to add a pop of colour to a home. It also brings a touch of drama to a home thanks to it’s gorgeous upright form that in grows in if put in bright light.

A Snake Plant can grow up to 48 inches high and 36 inches wide. For ideal conditions, the temperature must be between 15-30 degrees celsius.

Parlor Palm
The Parlor Palm is an extremely popular houseplant. Not only are they super fun and bring a tropic vibe to a room, they are a great plant for houseplant newbies to try out in their home as they are easy to look after, as well as looking fabulous in your home. Why not make them look even better by placing it into a super colourful pot?

Parlor Palm’s can grow up to eight ft high and three ft wide. They grow best in temperatures between 12-23 degrees celsius.

Another popular house plant is a Dracaena. Because of its narrow leaves and touches of red and brown, it can make a real focal point in a home and can even look particularly festive during the winter months. It is also simple to look after and can grow to an impressive size, making it perfect for the corner of a room or a hallway.

A Dracaena can grow to 10 ft tall and 2 ft wide and grows best with temperatures being between 18-23 degrees celsius.

Rubber Tree
The Rubber Tree is a classic houseplant that will never go out of style as it looks so good in any home. It’s generous big shiny leaves can make a huge statement in a home. Also, as it grows with age, it also grows with height, meaning that it can become a super cool drama filled plant in your home.

A Rubber Tree can grow up to 8 ft tall and 4 ft wide, and grows best with temperatures between 15-26 degrees celsius.

For more houseplant inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest board...

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