5 Simple Trends To Transform Your Kitchen

Tired or bored of your current kitchen? Looking for some inspiration and kitchen design ideas? Worry not, as we have 5 Simple Trends To Transform Your Kitchen.

Bar stools

Bar stools are an easy and simple way of transforming your tired kitchen. From colourful bar stools, to classic styles, what you choose to go for really depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

Style and space depending, you’re spoilt for choice. For example, if your kitchen is a country

style kitchen, introducing a fabric upholstered bar stool with a back rest will lift the space, as will adding in a coloured bar stool – a pop of colour will be sure to transform your space. Bar stools are a great point of call for small kitchen ideas and for a modern kitchen.



Samuel and Isaac Bar Stools Samuel and Isaac Bar Stools


Dressing your dining space

If you are fortunate enough to have the space to fit your dining table in your kitchen, how you dress this area can totally transform your space. Turn your current kitchen into a modern kitchen by adding dining chairs - it can be pretty fun too. Mixing and matching between different finishes in the same style will give your space the variety it maybe needs and allows you to get creative.



Melton Dining Chairs and Rockhampton Dining Table



Melton Dining Chairs Melton Dining Chairs


No dressing without salad



If your dining table is perfect for what you need you may not need to or want to change it. However, if for example your dining table is soaking up all the space and light around it, changing it can totally transform your space. Think of your dining chairs and accessories as the dressing and your dining table as the salad – it all needs to work together right? However small or large your space, there are always options.



McKay Dining Chairs and Barossa Dining Table McKay Dining Chairs and Barossa Dining Table


Finishes touches

Not only do those small touches add character to your kitchen, but they can really turn a space around. From handles on drawers and cupboards to taps and colourful walls – we think these simple changes can transform you tired kitchen into the heart of the home. So if you are on a budget but want to create a dreamy modern kitchen, trying out these few things could really help you.



Samuel Hetah Landmark Industrial Tap Samuel Heath Landmark Industrial Tap



Seymore Sideboard Seymore Sideboard



Colourful wall swatches for your kitchen


Let there be light

You can achieve some great looks with lighting. From concealed and back lights to lighting beneath cabinets and breakfast bar lights, it is fair to say this can make a huge difference.

Depending on your kitchen style and space, choosing the right type of light will make all the difference.



Nice 98 Decorative Light Nice 98 Decorative Light



Novara 62 decorative light Novara 62 decorative light


If you would like some further inspiration, visit our Pinterest - happy pinning.

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