6 Gorgeous Pink Interior Design Ideas

Pink – the colour we are all still loving. The soft millennial shade which is essentially a hue of white and red mixed can be as subtle or as powerful as you like. We can see pink sticking around for some time, so we bring you 6 gorgeous pink interior design ideas.


The lounge

More and more people are introducing this into their lounges as it is a calming tone that brings you to relax and chill out. It can be a sociable colour too as it creates a statement without obvious intention. It can be introduced in a number ways too – you just have to see what tickles your fancy really.


Lady Penelope Lady Penelope


Lady Penelope Lady Penelope


Into the bathroom

Depending on how much you love the colour, and depending on how much time you spend in the shower – pink works so well in the bathroom. Through tiling or accessories, you can add this so easily to your space. It is also great to swap standard silver lighting for rose gold to really help bring your pink theme to life.



Down the hallway

Benches are such a clever way to 1. Introduce seating for when getting ready to head out, 2. Add character to your space, 3. Look nice and 4. Add character and colour your space. We so happy to have a selection of benches that offer just this. If a bench is too big for your space then stools are a great alternative. Have a look here.


Veronica Stool Veronica Stool


Hallie Bench and Stool Hallie Bench and Stool


To the walls

Yes! Be brave and add pink onto the walls. You don’t have to go all out so you fear it, but enough of it can really help set the tone.

If paper isn’t your thing, plain paint will do the trick and be enough of a feature too.



Sketch, London

You may have seen it before, but we absolutely love how Sketch, London have utilised the colour. Booth seating with big petal style tub chairs fill the restaurant and compliment the accents of gold and marble flooring. It’s pretty much genius!

Sketch, London Sketch, London



So, we don’t have any images to show you but you have to go visit Jo from @newbuilttohome Instagram page. Full of pretty pink, subtle accents and rose gold, you will be bursting with inspiration after a visit.



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