7 games to play at the Dinner Table this Christmas

Christmas Day; it’s supposed to be the most magical day of the year. But what happens after all the presents have been opened and the dinner has been eaten?

If it’s getting to that time of the day when you’re beginning to strongly dislike your relatives, it could be time to start having fun again and get playing some games. None of them will even cost you any money, are all quite simple and are great to enjoy around the dinner table…

Who Am I?
This one is always a lot of fun for your relatives and friends to enjoy. Write down loads of different famous people’s names on a Post-It note and place one on each person’s head around the table. Each person then has 20 questions to ask to be able to identify the famous person on their head. The person who guesses the identity quickest is the winner.


The ultimate party game; Charades. It may be a little old school, but it’s a crowd pleaser and you only need a small group to play. If you’re unsure of the rules, all you need to do is to get each guest to choose a film, TV show, book or song and without revealing the name, attempt to act out the name for the other guests to guess it. However, you are allowed to tell the guests how many words and syllables it has.

Guess The Song
There’s two different ways you can play this game. You can either play 10 seconds of a song and get everyone to guess it, with the quickest the winner, or you can give everyone a list of songs each that they need to hum. Whoever guesses the quickest wins. To spruce things up a bit, you could also focus on certain genres or artists to make things a little more interesting.

The Book
If you’re from a family of readers, you are bound to love this game. All you have to do is choose a book and each person around the table has to guess what the first sentence is. Each person reads out there’s, before you read out the original from the book. Whoever is closest to the original wins.

Consequences is also a super fun game to play, and no one needs to get up from their seat either. There’s a few different ways of playing Consequences, but one way is for the table to write their own story. Each player takes a sheet of paper and writes one section of the story before folding it and passing it on for the next player to write a section.

To stop it from becoming too long winded, make sure each section has what they need to write about. For example, the first player describes the start of the story before the other players have to state character names, locations, what the consequence was and what the world said about it. Read aloud at the end and decide the funniest story.

What’s Wrong?
What’s Wrong is something for everyone to involved with, and also gets people moving. The game consists of players splitting into two teams and one team leaving the room. While they are out, the other team have to move five to ten objects in the room and the other team have to list them once they are back in the room.

Wink Murder
It’s another classic game that we’ve probably all enjoyed before, and all you need are a deck of cards. Deal the cards to all the players sitting at the table. The one who draws the Ace of Spades is the murderer and kills players by blinking at them. Each victim has to slump onto the table, whilst the others still living have to guess the murderer. If they guess incorrectly, that person is out of the game.

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