7 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Home Right Now

We all have times when our home just isn’t what we want it to be. Whether it’s down to budget, or perhaps down to your location, there’s always ways we want to improve our homes. We’re keen to feel the love in our homes, so if your home is in need of some attention, here’s seven simple ways you can fall in love with it all over again.

Show off your favourite colour
If your favourite colour is mustard, or perhaps you like teal, sage or even bright pink; whatever colour it is, it’s time to treat your home to the colour which makes you happiest. Whether you fancy painting a whole room the colour, or would prefer to just add accessories in your chosen colour around the house, we can guarantee that you’ll begin to love your home again, as it feels much more ‘you’.

Clean the house from top to bottom – including the windows
Not loving your home can be a temporary thing if it really is just because it needs a good old clean. Set aside a day to really go hard with the cleaning. From de-cluttering your living spaces and having a huge sort out of the kids toy box or your wardrobe to vacuuming every last inch of your home and doing the really nitty gritty jobs that sadly just need to be done, a big clean can make a home feel like a whole new space. Don’t forget to get the windows clean too, or hire a local window cleaner to come along, as they are easily forgotten and can make a big difference.

Get upcycling
You are guaranteed to love a piece of furniture more if you are the person who actually created it! If you’re keen to get creative, try a bit of up-cycling. Head along to a reclamation yard and find a piece that would look great in your home, and have a go at painting, upholstering or whatever else takes your fancy. Alternatively, take a look around your home and see if there is any furniture that you could totally transform.

Spruce up the entrance
A great way to fall back in love with your home is by transforming the entrance, so you feel warm and happy when you arrive back home. You could give your front door a lick of paint and add a couple of new features, as well as giving the outside a good clean up. Add a few pots and perhaps a decoration or two, and you will love coming home once again.

Bring on the plants…or flowers
It has been proven in every experiment under the sun that plants and flowers are very good for us in our homes. Not only do they improve the air and make us happier, they look incredible! Spruce your home up with a few pots from the local garden centre, and head along to the florist to treat your home to a bouquet or two of gorgeous flowers. They may require some maintenance, but we’re sure they are worth it to have a happier feeling in your home.

Create a happier living space
Think about the things you love most and what makes you happiest in life – does your home represent this? If not, it could be time to insert more of you and your family’s personalities and interests in your home. Try putting more pictures up and around your home of fun days out and memories, agree on a cool piece of art or if you love eclectic pieces, show this in your home. The more ‘you’ your home feels, the happier everyone will be.

Spend more time at home
You’re never going to love your home if you never actually spend time in it. If you spend all your time out and about with friends, why not invite them over for a cosy night in instead? If you head out for dinner every night, why not spend the evening cooking in your own space? Spending time at home and relaxing is good for you and gives you time to reflect. Spending a few nights a week in your cosy home, you’re bound to fall in love with the space all over again.

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