9 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Bad interior design happens to the best of us. Because it’s just so easy to impulse buy and rush the design process, it’s sometimes not easy to see where we have gone so very wrong. If you’re in the process of designing a room, or not happy with what you already have, here’s the mistakes you really ought to avoid if you want your home to be your perfect.

Not trying paint colours before applying
We’ve all done it; seen the colour on the paint tin and assumed it would look perfect in your home. However, it’s very rare for that to happen. Once the paint has dried in the room of your choice, you could realise that it actually looks totally different from what you expected.

It may seem obvious, but it really is worth taking the time to pick up four or five different paint tester pots and doing swatches on the wall you intend to paint. Not only will you get a good idea of the colour, you’ll also be able to see if it works in the room or if you should try something totally different.

Keeping everything at the same height and size
It is absolutely necessary for a room to have variety. By keeping everything at the same height and size in a room, you’re not making the most out of the space you have. Scale the room well; think a range of big and small seating, art work and frames different sizes, tall and small lamps and a variety of accessories.

Not only will it make the room feel more put together, it will create a much calmer and inviting atmosphere.

Not adding a focal point
Every room needs a focal point; whether it is art work, mirror or an eye-catching accessory. Focal points are crucial because not only do they give a place for the eyes to rest, it also brings a purpose to the room other than its daily function.

For a living space, you could either try art work, a fireplace or even a coffee table. In other rooms, it can be a bit more difficult. Try a gallery wall in your bedroom or home office, or a super snazzy chair in your reception room.

Lighting choices
Lighting can be easy to forget about as often, we just make do. But lighting is a huge part of a room and getting it wrong can completely ruin what it is you’re trying to achieve. You need a good mix of natural and overhead light, but when it gets to the evening, switch to your lamps instead for a warm and inviting vibe.

However, be careful of sharp lighting that is too bright for the room and will distract from the pieces you want to show off. Carefully selecting light bulbs may sound tedious, but they will make the difference.

Painting before choosing fabrics and textiles
Many interior designers suggest that to really get a feeling of how you want to create a room, buy fabrics like rugs, throws and pillows as well as textiles like curtains, before you even consider the colour of the room. These touches will inspire you to get a vision of how the room could look and what would go well alongside your pieces. For example, if you have gone for really bold pieces, you could choose to keeping the walls neutral and vice versa.

Keeping things for no good reason

Perhaps you got offered loads of hand-me-downs when you moved into your first apartment, or you can’t get rid of something because it belonged to a late relative. When it comes to creating a home and a space that you can live in, clutter is just not needed. At some point or another, you’ll need to throw out a few things.

Have a look at what you really love in your home, and what you can do without. Although it may seem brutal to get rid of things you have had for years, if they are bringing no purpose or happiness to your home, sell or donate them to those who really do want them.

Not incorporating the TV into your design
This is another design mistake we are probably all guilty of. In this day and age, many of our living spaces are built around the TV because we all spend so much time in front of it. However, by having the TV as the focal point in the room, it will look incredibly uninspiring.

Instead, blend the TV into the room, whether this is putting it on the wall so you have more living space, or fitting it into a corner away from your statement pieces.

Always following trends
If you’re a massive fan of interiors, it can be easy to get swept away with the current trends and how your home needs to look to stay fashionable. But trends come and go, and it isn’t all about appearing on trend.

A home should be your sanctuary, so inject your own style and ideas into the space instead of relying on the current trends. Not only will it appear a much more inviting space, you have really created something on your own.

Not adding personality and love
This is also super important in your home. Even if you enjoy minimalistic style, it doesn’t mean you can’t add your personality in. If pictures of your family and friends make you happy, then make sure you hang them from your walls or place them on sideboards.

If music is your big passion, have your record player and collection on full display. The list could go on forever; but by making your house a home and truly yours, you will need to inject a little bit of love here and there.

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