9 ways to decorate your home for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to throw a party for your family and friends, as well as having huge amounts of fun dressing up in scary costumes. However, if you’re going to make this a Halloween to remember, it’s time to embrace your inner decorator! Here are 9 ways to decorate your home, inside and out.


Pumpkin Bonfire
If you don’t want the hassle of a real bonfire in your garden this Halloween, especially if it is just too unsafe for young children, you can always try a faux fire pit. Simply carve your pumpkins as you like and add battery-operated candles. Not only will it look great, especially if you add a few logs to the scene, but it will also be safe and a great look for your garden. Why not add a few chairs and blankets too so your guests can appreciate the scene?

Creepy Wreaths
Who said wreaths are only for Christmas time? Spruce yours up for Halloween by adding fake wiggly eyeballs and spiders to it. It’s fairly simple to do, and the more accessories like ribbons and string, the better. If you can’t find eyeballs and spiders in your local shops, why not attempt to make your own with ping pong balls and pipe cleaners.

Make Your Own Mini Graveyard
For that extra creepy Halloween touch, get the family together to each make a tombstone for a graveyard, in your very own garden. However, this will take a little more effort than other decorations, so make sure you have plenty of time. For the best result, cut a piece of plywood or cardboard into the shape of a tombstone, paint and add glitter before writing creepy names on them.

Hang Spooky Things From Trees
Make the trees in your garden a talking point by hanging all sorts of spooky things from the trees. Huge human length skeletons are available in a whole range of stores during the lead up to Halloween, so add some string or ribbon to them to let them hang down. Alternatively, make your own ghosts. White balloons covered in white sheets look great hanging from trees, just don’t forget to add spooky faces to them.


Make Creepy Mobiles
Head outside and find branches in your garden or local wood. Paint them in Halloween colours, like black, orange and purple. Hang plastic bats and spiders from each branch and display them around your house. If you can’t find bats and spiders in local shops, make your own with card, string and pipe cleaners.

Get Carving…
Pumpkins are as important as a decorated tree at Christmas time, so get carving in time for your Halloween party. You can have loads of fun carving everything from traditional pumpkin faces to bats and skulls. You could even try carving old-looking portraits, to really give that feel of a haunted house. Mix up your pumpkins by painting them different colours and why not add a bit of glitter for a party touch.

DIY Cobwebs
There’s no need to invite spiders into your home to provide cobwebs, you can easily make them your own. All you will need is hot-glue pads and a glue gun to create the look of cobwebs all over your home. Find out how to do it well here.

Specimen Jars
Fill glass jars with everything from plastic bugs, rats and even creepy doll heads to really scare your guests. Add water and squash like blackcurrant and orange juice to the jars and finish them off by adding straw and tags to the jars with grim descriptions of what is in each jar.

Let There Be Light…
But not too bright! Accessorise your home with fairy lights, even better if they come in orange, green or purple for a fab Halloween look, but don’t go overboard as you still want it to be dark and scary. Make sure there are also plenty of candles decorating your home, even better if you have candelabras on hand.

For more ideas, take a look at our Halloween Ideas board on Furnish Your Home’s Pinterest board.

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