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Accent chairs often come under the umbrella of occasional chairs, however there is real depth to this category of furniture. Accent chairs bring minimalist style to the living space and inject subtle notes of colour that bring corners and sometimes entire rooms to life. A well-made accent chair shouldn’t just look fabulous, it should also provide a comfortable place to sit, something different to the sofa that also offers a different view of the room. Before you jump in with both feet and snap up one of our wonderful accent chairs you may wish to familiarise yourself with a few aspects of the stunning new piece of seated comfort that you are about to bring in to your home.

There are different styles
Here at Furnish Your Home we have an impressive collection of accent chairs from which to choose. There is a wide choice of styles to inspire thoughts of new possibilities, designs influenced by different eras to create wonderful places to sit and to decorate the living space with.

Armless Slipper Chairs
The clue is in the name as these chairs have no arms. A rather informal chair in which to slump and unwind or perhaps remove footwear in the bedroom at the end of the day. They are suited to a variety of rooms, though the bedroom is an ideal place for this relaxing design that is slightly lower to the ground in appearance than other accent chairs.

Occasional Chairs
Often an over-used term to describe a myriad of designs, a true occasional chair is a chair for, well, almost every occasion! By that we mean they provide a flexible answer to the need for more seat space. To meet this brief they should be lightweight by design and manufacture, easily manoeuvred around the home.

Tub Chairs
A moulded design, the back and arms of this rounded chair wrap around the occupant to provide bolstered comfort, with arms that form part of the back and side rest. For this reason the arms of a tub chair are usually at the same height as the back of the chair or ever so slightly lower, either way they are by standard higher positioned than the arms of other types of chair. Tub chair designs reflect everything from the traditional to the retro and uber-chic – there is a myriad of different tub chair styles and designs from which to choose, suited to almost any room of the home depending on the style you opt for.

Chaise Lounge Chairs
These are truly a time-honoured design that can be traced back in history to ancient times. The name simply means ‘lounge chair’, a piece of furniture that has been evolved from a chair and footstool. These chairs are supremely stylish, often injecting an opulent touch and suited to all manner of rooms, particularly the bedroom, hallway and quiet corners of the living area. Lay back and relax with a book or sit on your chaise with your nearest and dearest – they can accommodate two people for a snuggle.

Wingback Chairs
An upright back and wing-style arms that are angled to the backrest, modern wingback chairs benefit from hundreds of years of history. Aspects of their evolution can be seen in designs today and this much-loved chair type can be found gracing some the world’s finest, most traditional and most modern of homes, such is the depth of wingback chair choice. You will find wingback chairs with aspects of the time-honoured and contemporary, and a variety of leg and feet finishes and styles.

So there you have it, there is a great deal of accent chair choice here at Furnish Your Home. With all the design styles mentioned here, the common thread is the fabric selection we offer to bring both the design you choose and the room in which you position your purchase, to life. Our fabrics are selected for their tactile nature, durability and colour palette, picked by our team to accentuate the lines, curves and symmetry that combine to make each of our chair designs. Accent chairs should go about their work subtly, with supreme effectiveness. They are not here to dominate a room, but inject comfort, style and colour that complements the wider interior. Choose wisely and the effect you will create will be breath-taking!

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