How to achieve a country-style look in your home

Cosy, warm and inviting; a country-style look is perfect for any home - whether you’re actually in the country or not.

But how can you bring this homely look into your own home, whether you have a flat in the city or a farmhouse in the country?

Cosy chairs with plenty of cushions

Whether it’s in the living room or the bedroom, the key to achieving a country-style look is to give your space plenty of cosy, comforting touches. Plush occasional chairs are perfect to give any room a welcoming feel, inviting your guests to take a load off and get comfortable. Accessorise with a few scatter cushions, and you’re good to go.

‘Shabby chic’ wooden furniture

Perhaps the most quintessential of country style, shabby chic wooden furniture will give any space a homely feel, whether it’s a chair, a table, dresser or a chest of drawers. However, ‘upcycled’ pieces can often cost an arm and a leg.

To get that vintage style look without the hefty price tag, just do it yourself! Grab a pot of chalky furniture paint in a colour of your choice and get painting. For a truly vintage look, apply two coats of paint, then use sandpaper to rub through the first layer.

Alternatively, once you’ve applied the first layer of paint, use see-through varnish on small areas. Then, when you apply the second coat, the paint won’t stick to these parts, giving a classic, shabby chic finish.

Mismatched fabric accessories

From vintage homemade quilts on the bed to mix and match patterned bedspreads and cushions, opt for mismatched patterns in a range of fabrics for a ‘collected over the years’ look.

Gingham prints work especially well, after all, what screams ‘countryside’ more than a classic picnic-style fabric? Similarly, florals, china-style patterns and tweed are all ideal for a truly country-style aesthetic.

Add a farmhouse dresser in the kitchen or living area

A large farmhouse dresser makes a lovely country-style centerpiece in both the kitchen, or the living area. Fill yours with plates and cups, mismatched mason jars full of ingredients, family photos and other bits and pieces for a warm, inviting feel.

Pastel colours

Pastels are perfect for giving any space a chic, country vibe, whether it’s on the walls, accessories, or even your furnishings. Think outside the box when it comes to choosing your colours, while classic pale green works well, pale blues, pastel pinks and even primrose yellow are all ideal for giving your space the look of a country home.

Adorn your walls with vintage touches

Finish your look with a few vintage-style pictures in each room. Floral prints work well, as do landscapes. If you can’t get hold of any pictures, hang a few plates on the wall. You can pick up vintage plates from most charity shops, and they’ll only cost a few pounds. Pair with some plate hangers and voila, an instant, vintage look.

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