How Bar Stools Can Change An Entire Room

Intrigued to know how bar stools can change an entire room? Then read on…

For years we have tried to find different ways to ensure our seating accommodates entertaining, comfort, style and practicality, but how often do we think about how our spaces can be transformed by bar stools?

If your bar area struggles for space removing bulky seating will instantly free up your space. Swapping clunky seats for minimal seating would make a great difference and transform your space completely. The best thing about minimalist seating is that you don’t have to compromise on style either and they are easy to maintain.



Adding bar stools to your space that are upholstered in patterned fabric can totally change how your space looks and can add some character too. Matching your stools to accent colours in your space or using stools as the accent or even focal point is always a great way to achieve certain looks – lifting your space to exactly how you like. Don’t forget you need the right care – see our tips here in our bar stool buyers guide.



The shape of bar stools you choose can make a big difference, especially if your kitchen or bar area uses certain angles or has a particular composition. Think about where the seats will be placed and if the space warrants the shape you have chosen. From soft finishes to statement pieces, your bar stool choice should complement your bar or breakfast area as they become the hub of home.


Texture is always a good point to consider, especially if your area has a particular style or theme. Depending on the look you are going for, using seating with certain texture can bring your space forward. We particularly love a bit of texture as it gives edge and character, but always consider how you will maintain the stools.



Don’t forget to choose between a fixed height bar stool or a gas lift stool. If you’re fortunate enough to have a bar area within your home, swivel and gas lift stools always work well. They are probably better suited to a social setting too, but don’t let this put you off fixed height stools as you can’t get any better than a bar stool that stands firm and provides the perfect seating for those more formal occasions.



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