Blogger Of The Month: Amy Fell

This month we have collaborated with the talented mummy blogger Amy Fell.


Amy All about a Mummy Amy All about a Mummy


Amy started her blog in 2013 and enjoys sharing about all kinds of things. From arts and crafts through to kids and mum stuff, Amy's blog has you covered.

We wanted to get to know Amy a little more that her passion for baking, art,books and photography so we asked her a few questions:


What is your favourite interior design theme?

I love a blank canvas – so fresh white walls. I then add brightly coloured furniture and accessories and artwork which pop against the white. It also means I can then instantly change the whole room without redecorating.


Name three things you couldn’t live without.

I couldn’t live without Books, Converse and Netflix.


Why did you start your blog?

I started blogging back in 2013 as a pregnancy diary to document my experience (and vent!) and it grew from there. It is now more about me than my kids.


Find out more about Amy and her posts by catch up below. Happy reading!

Choosing the right furniture for a child friendly family home Choosing the right furniture for a child friendly family home
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