Bonfire Night: How to throw the very best party

If Halloween isn’t really your thing, there are still plenty of party opportunities around this time of year. Bonfire Night is always guaranteed fun, as long as you do it well. This year, why not swap your normal routine of heading to your local fireworks display, and bring the party to your home.

Simply get a small team together who can focus on creating an incredible firework display, whilst you focus on the other details…

Decoration ideas

There’s so many fun ways you decorate your home inside and out for your Bonfire celebrations. Here are just a few of our ideas…

Let there be light!

Bonfire Night is the perfect opportunity to really have some fun with light. Make sure you have plenty of fairy lights on hand, or pop to the shops to stock up. Wrap them around trees, branches, door frames and anything else you fancy in and outside of your home, it will instantly look super cosy and inviting.

Mix it up and put fairy lights into jars and place them around your home, or even create a wreath for your front door. If you’re short on time, simply use your Christmas one and mix it up with lights and autumnal colours.

Alternatively, hang lanterns around your home and garden and place candles where you can. Just be wary of children if you’re going down the candle route.

For you and your guests to enjoy the fireworks and bonfire, make sure that you have plenty of seating around the garden for your guests to relax on. This can be camping and plastic chairs, or go that extra mile and use stacks of hay as seating to create a really cool authentic feel in your garden.

Comfort is a must
It’s not likely to be a warm evening on Bonfire Night, so make sure that you have plenty of blankets, pillows and hot water bottles to scatter around your home and garden for people to use whilst enjoying the evening. Just make sure there are plenty to go around.

Glow sticks
There’s loads of fun that you can have with glow sticks, which will also keep the kids entertained. Why not put glow sticks into balloons before you blow them up, as this is sure to create a super cool feature in any home. Alternatively, place handfuls into jars for the kids to enjoy throughout the evening.


An absolute must for any bonfire evening; sparklers! Sparklers are easy to get in many shops in the run up to bonfire night and can entertain for hours. All you’ll need is a few jars full of them, with enough for everyone, and a couple of buckets of water close by for you and your guests to put them in once used.

Food Ideas

Bonfire Night is a great opportunity to try cooking and baking a few goodies for you and your guests to enjoy. Here are just a few of our favourites…

Marshmallow rocket kebabs
This is super easy and so much fun to do for your guests. Simply place marshmallows onto kebab sticks and cut the top one into the shape of a triangle, making them look like mini rockets, which is so in theme of the evening. If you have an open fire in the garden, they can toast them up too.

Have fun with apples
Cover apples with chocolate and sparkles, toffee, and whatever else you fancy. Simply put sticks into all the apples and voila, you have made your very own toffee-apple inspired creations which your guests are bound to enjoy whilst watching the fireworks.

Fun filling food
Although it’s nice to have treats, you could also do with creating a few dishes that will fill your guests up and leave no tummies rumbling. Aim to stick to warm, comforting dishes with cosy autumnal vibes in mind. Mini baked potatoes filled with chilli con carne, or bacon and cheese, are sure to be a hit. You could also try pulled pork burgers, sausage and pumpkin casserole and even mini toad in the holes.

Don’t forget plenty of sharing dishes too, like camembert and crispy bread, honey and mustard sausage rolls and cheesy chips.

For more Bonfire Night party ideas, check out our Pinterest board filled with our favourite ideas and top tips…

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