Coffee Tables Buying Guide

Coffee or tea, tea or coffee? There’s a table for everyone
Although labelled a coffee table, its use is far more than simply being a place to sit down your mug or cup! Coffee tables have become a staple ingredient to making a fabulous looking, functional living space. Here at Furnish Your Home we have assembled a large, diverse range of coffee tables for you to choose from, in wood, metal and glass. We like to think we offer something for everyone, with designs displaying aspects of the traditional and contemporary, from the time-honoured look to the uber-chic. Here are a few pointers that will hopefully help you choose the table that’s right for you.

Size and style
There are different sizes and styles of coffee table and we have a wide-selection here at Furnish Your Home awaiting your perusal. Rectangular, square, oval and round, the shape of table you choose should be influenced by the space you have to position it in. As a guide, your coffee table should be no bigger than the longest piece of furniture in the room – usually the sofa. Aiming for half or two-thirds the size of the sofa is a good benchmark and you should also consider the space your coffee table will leave you to move around the room. You don’t wish for your new furniture addition to swamp the room and leave you with no space to manoeuvre between the sofa – cups and glasses will soon be sent flying and knees knocked! Style wise, a coffee table can quickly become the focal point in a room, its look saying a great deal about you and also influencing the broader landscape. Choose something in-keeping with the wider décor, unless choosing a coffee table to inspire a makeover. Traditional or contemporary will depend on your home, but the key is to complement your existing room style, not have a coffee table look so out of place that it could have been dropped in from outer space!

Material choice
Wood, glass or metal – these tend to be the three options. Which is it? Well, we invite you to take a look and stop and think for a wee while. It will ultimately boil down to individual taste and of course the style of your room and wider home. The durability of each is proven these days however they each come with their own slightly differing care requirements, none of which is too taxing – care instructions and helpful advice can be obtained from a member of the Furnish Your Home team upon request, it’s all quite simple. Glass will deliver a sense of transparency to the room and is perfect for those homes where space is at a premium. A glass top will showcase the floor beneath, ideal for rooms with stunning floorboards, beautiful carpets and sumptuous rugs. Add in some stunning, sometimes intricate stainless steel or chrome framework underneath the glass top and light will be bounced around the room. This can look incredible, particularly with the introduction of some thoughtful lighting. Wood finish tables offer more visual solidity, grain detail being one of the things that gives depth to wood finish designs. Wooden coffee tables deliver a very different look to designs created in glass and metal but still provide the choice of contemporary or traditional styles. So in summary, it’s down to the individual as to whether it’s glass, metal or wood and of course the look of the wider living space / home.

Dress to impress
As we say, coffee tables are far more than being a place to sit down your mug or cup. Oh yes, they can be the focal point in a living space for a reason and their use is multiple and varied. A place for the magazine and newspaper, the TV remote and games controller, a coffee table can quickly become an integral part of everyday life. It doesn’t need to become cluttered with life’s gadgets and necessities – a shelf can provide a neat stowaway for hiding any untidiness – a coffee table can effortlessly be dressed to impress with framed photos, a vase and lamps; as a focal point in a room your new coffee table should be made to look the best it can be. However, remember that a great deal of thought has gone in to every single coffee table design here at Furnish Your Home, so there is no need for you to ‘over-guild the lily’ so to speak, when beauty of form is assured.

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