How To Create A Dining Room In A Small Space

Small spaces can be difficult to work with, so we have to be as savvy as possible when trying to create and achieve certain looks.

They say sitting and eating while sat on the sofa isn’t the best for us, but where do you sit and eat if you struggle for space? From round dining tables to extendable, we have put together helpful tips on how to create a dining room in a small space.


A small dining table

Buying a small dining table could be the resolution you need. Something that sits 2-4 people can be perfect and anything bigger you may need to reconfigure your space. A small dining table is perfect for space saving and great if you are looking for small dining room ideas that will still be functional.



Around a round dining table

Sometimes, angular dining tables can look a bit clunky. Avoid a chunky look in your space and consider a round dining table. With its soft edge and simple design, a round dining table can bring so many possibilities. Depending on your style, a wooden round dining table will lend itself well to a range of spaces and themes, plus are usually finished with a protective coating which means longevity. We do also love the idea of a glass round dining table. Clear glass automatically gives a clutter free, spacious feel and can look pretty stylish too.




Go armless

There is nothing more awkward than having dining chair arms touching one another and taking up space that they really don’t need. Using dining chairs without arms is so liberating and super ideal for a small dining area. Easy to find and match to your interior, there are a whole host of styles and shapes out there. Going armless will also visually enhance your space. We can’t recommend it enough!



High sitters

Are you super limited to space and have therefore gone for a higher-level table? Not only do these look fantastic in modern day homes and apartments but it gives a totally new dimension to dining. Using barstools is a brilliant option for higher tables which can also double up a nice chill out or working area. If this is up your street, choose a bar stool that isn’t ‘busy’ looking.



The extenda-tables

Go extendable with your dining table. Starting off as a small dining table and extending to something slightly larger, they are perfect for when there a few more people dining than usual. An extendable dining table will allow you to be super savvy too as you can double this area up as a working area too. Space saving, some also come with a storage option.





Benches can be an excellent option for multiple seating. Not only do they double up in other areas of the house, they practically lend themselves to any function. Having a longer table in s small space will of course, take up room you may not have. Adding chair to go with would be totally impractical, so if you have a dining table at the right height, add benches to either side that can be slotted under – and hey presto! You’re saving space.




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