How To Decorate Your Home With Rose Gold

It is safe to say that rose gold has been a huge success across fashion and interiors. As a great alternative to your usual gold and silver finishes, rose gold can be put against so many different colours, patterns and textures. If you’re looking to introduce rose gold within your home, here is our guide on how to decorate your home with rose gold.

Start off with a vague idea or plan as to where you would like to have rose gold placed within your space as this will help you plan types of products to go out and buy.

We love a good coffee table and find they are a super easy way of decorating your home. A coffee or side table will also give you a space to pop your accessories onto.



Layla Lamp Table Layla Lamp Table


If you’re feeling more daring then why not throw a bit of that colour onto the walls? Using wallpaper can completely transform your space and really instate your vision.


Shopping around for accessories is always a fun and easy option to go for when throwing in accent colour. With rose gold being so popular, it is dead simple to find accessories in this lush colour and, all at the tip of your fingers.



All things rose gold All things rose gold


We love the idea of art pieces or if you are feeling creative – make your own. A few ideas include:

  • Buying a blank canvas, masking tape and rose gold paint.

Tear lengths of masking tape and then tear those length ways to get a jagged edge. Stick these strips onto your canvas until your happy and paint in between the blank areas. Once dry, remove the tape and you will be left with a stripe like pattern.

  • Don’t throw away your empty cans!

Carefully removed all labels and wash out thoroughly. Once dry, spray paint them to create a range of pots. Add twine or some cute yarn around them to finish off and place on your side table.

  • If you have spare jars, vases or votives that you no longer use, dip their tips or ends into rose gold paint and hey presto – they will have a new lease of life!


If you are looking to have rose gold in the bedroom, try introducing a rose gold bed. Not to be biased, but we have some great options that are just stunning in this opulent colour.



Richard Bed Richard Bed




Lucas Bed Lucas Bed


To enhance any rose gold that you introduce into your home, make sure you use the correct lighting too! With such a nice reflective quality, the colour of your light should be nice and warm. This will help you get the most of the gorgeous colour.



Layla Rose Gold Table Layla Rose Gold Table


Lighting can make all the difference to the décor in your space. From pendants to lamps, how you compose the lighting in your space is entirely up to you. But, if you need a hand – here are some of our favourites.



Rose Gold Lights Rose Gold Lights


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