Dining Chair Buying Guide

Here at Furnish Your Home we have a huge variety of dining chairs available in a range of styles, designs, shapes, and materials. We have put together this helpful dining chair buying guide to walk you through the principle components you should consider when choosing your perfect dining chair. Dining chairs are generally bought together and will have a sensational impact on the look of your room you are placing them in. For this reason, dining chairs should be chosen carefully.

Location and style
The dining room, living room and kitchen are rooms primarily used for engaging with friends and family, gathering around the table for a meal and lively conversation. Particularly in the modern home, living spaces can easily merge together, in which case thought needs to be given to blending the interior theme. However, where rooms are more distinct and separate, each room requires its very own unique style of furniture. So in the first instance, give a little thought to the layout of the home and look you are wishing to achieve.The overall look of a room will influence the type of chair design you choose and its material type. Where the kitchen is generally a more informal and casual space, the type of chair design has the freedom to be less formal; the dining room space however will have a different feel, often more formal, so the type of chair will be a style that reflects this and if entertaining is on the agenda, a design that also captures your personality Similarly, if the living / dining space is open plan, then perhaps a more middle of the road design, something that’s a blend of formal and casual will be the best fit. So, in summary, when choosing a dining chair it is imperative that you spend some time looking at your interior and choose a chair style, design and finish that will match not just your own individual requirements but your overall living space.

Seat material
We have journeyed in to the world of chair design to arrive at a collection that is versatile, practical and good looking. We proudly present an impressive variety of styles, materials and colourways. Being used, sometimes every day, it is vital that the seat on which you sit is comfortable and durable. Faux leather is easy to maintain and injects a chic look in to the room, making for a great addition to almost any kitchen or dining area Another great choice is ABS plastic, with its smooth, polished finish - it is a stain free, modern looking seats surface and available in a wide range of colours. Wooden seats also make for a great choice, offering wonderful appeal, often combining aspects of the traditional and contemporary whilst gracefully fulfilling the functional purpose for which they were designed. If it’s fabric that you are after then we have a broad palette of colour from which to choose – neutral tones and the bold. When choosing dining chairs make sure you opt for something that ticks your boxes of look, style and comfort You will place differing levels of importance on each of these three areas, but you must consider each individually and select a model that delivers for you, afterall we want you to sit comfortably, long and happy. Consider its purpose and place in the home – think about its longevity in your living space. A handsome, comfortable place to sit invites time to be spent at the table, memories made and meals enjoyed – you want those around you to fall in love with your chair choice as much as you have. The material, style, seat and backrest, everyone is different and we have something for us all.

Chair frame and finish
For great visual appeal it is always an idea to co-ordinate your chair frame with other surfaces in the room. For example, in the kitchen you may wish to consider the appliances and matching your frame and finish to suit. Brushed stainless steel, chrome or colour, matching things up can create an amazing effect. Wood is also hugely adaptable and accessible in a wide range of grains and colours to suit both present day and more traditional interiors.
Once you have chosen your finish, take some time to consider the shape of the frame. All our frames are built to provide comfort and support with a look to suit your individual requirements. Choosing a frame is a very individual thing, tailoring it to the room and of course the table around which the chairs are to sit. Here you will discover all manner of chair frames and finishes and we invite you to go forth and create a bespoke look by tailoring your choice to suit YOU. We like to think we have a collection that gives you absolute freedom and empowers you to get creative in selecting the ultimate chairs for your home, your guests and your life.

Seat Height
Like dressing tables, work areas and PC workstations, kitchen and dining tables as a rule stand at approximately 75cm. For this surface height the seat height is generally 43-50cm. For all these areas we offer a superb range of chairs. Each of our chairs allow for plenty of room to move your legs around, permitting you to dine, work and relax in comfort. If your table is custom built, we also offer a range of suitable chairs of different heights. We have fixed and adjustable height chairs providing comfort and versatility, with some reaching a height of 60cm, making them perfect for a raised table. To sit comfortably you must be at the correct seated height. We have done the hard work for you, our chair and table designs cohabiting beautifully.

Chair width
It may sound a little obvious, but when selecting chairs it is imperative you know the exact number of chairs that you need. Why? Well, it’s important to consider the width and shape of your table you are buying the chairs for. Yes, yes, a little obvious you may think, but widths vary and so do table shapes. For example, i square tables are generally suited to one person sitting each side of the table; a rectangular table will accommodate people differently to a square and circular tables differently again.

Our recommendation is to leave a gap of at least 15cm between each of the seats, as this will create a comfortable space for legs and movement. When working out how many chairs you need for people to sit comfortably at each side of the table, add an additional 15cm to the external width of the chosen chair. Then divide the length of your table by this number to give you the number of chairs you need to buy to fit perfectly on each side. A top tip from Furnish You Home is to mark the chair widths on the floor with masking tape as this will enable you to visualise the actual space each chair will occupy.

Finally, if you are choosing chairs with armrests these will be quite a bit wider than chairs without armrests. Please see the product listing page for a dimension diagram detailing all the required measurements.

Additional features
Lastly, before making your final decision on chairs, there are a few factors you should consider in summary: If the chairs will be used for long periods of time, then you may want to consider a high backrest, cushioned seat and armrest for support. If you are short on space however, then remember these additions will require extra room. If your room is small, choose chairs which are compact in design as these will fit perfectly under the counter or table. If space really is an issue then another option is stackable chairs, as these can be put away when not in use. And then there is the overall look and feel of the living space. Do you have open plan living or separate rooms?

Do you have children and will the chairs be used for entertaining or have everyday use? Consider what and where the chairs are for, who will use them and for how long / how often? Ultimately it’s about function, style and purpose – choose wisely and your choice will say a great deal about you and your home.

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