Dining Set Buying Guide

Beautiful and extensive, our range of dining sets encompass all your dining requirements in one nice package, making it easy for you to choose the perfect dining set in a few simple steps. When browsing our range, it's critical to consider the following factors:
• Size
• Colour
• Style and finish
• Your home the required use of the set

We hope this handy guide will help you make the perfect choice when it comes to purchasing a dining set from Furnish Your Home.

Dining Set Height & Size
First and foremost, consider the height and overall size of a dining set. Each of our dining sets come with the appropriate number of required chairs. Both the chairs and the table in each set are designed to complement each other for optimum function Height will correspond to function and comfort – the height of the dining chairs will provide the very best seated comfort for the diner, sat with their legs underneath the table.

Every dining set from Furnish Your Home has been designed so that a gap of approximately 30cm sits between the underside of the table and the seat surface. This amount of space will allow for free and comfortable movement. Additionally, a universally accessible height is also important as this will ensure that people of all ages will have an enjoyable dining experience.

Dining set sizes differ within our range – in some instances within one product range. Extendable dining tables can be ideal for those who cook for changing numbers, extending out for large gatherings and closing to accommodate just a few. In addition,

If you have a small space then perhaps consider something from our extendable dining set range as these can prove a great space saving solution, extended out to become a larger table when required and then closed back to its original size. Regardless of whether you decide on a table with a butterfly leaf mechanism or a design which can be collapsed in on itself, rest assured our range has been made to accommodate every eventuality.

Alternatively, if you decide to purchase a fixed dining set, the width will of course remain the same, constantly. Square, oval, rectangular or round, our fixed top tables in different shapes will take up varying amounts of space and provide you with some thoughtful options. We really do have a dining set to suit most homes – large and small – and individual space and serving requirements.

Dining Set Location
When you are choosing a dining set your final decision on the one to buy will largely depend on the location in which you wish to use it. If you have a small or limited space dining area, we have a great range of 2 chair dining sets available. Having one of these types of dining sets is perfect for those that are space conscious.

The stowaway dining sets, which allow you to fold the chairs into the table frame when not in use are perfect for small space living or a kitchen that incorporates a dining area. IF your dining space is of a more ample size and you wish to accommodate family and / or guests then our choice of fixed top and extendable dining sets will certainly inspire and fulfil your requirements. Our advice would be to look at the space with which you have to work and then consider how one of our sets can creatively meet your everyday and occasional dining demands.

Style of Dining Set
The furniture we bring in to our home says a great deal about us. A dining set speaks volumes about who we are, reflecting our personality and taste throughout the living space, as a focal point in the room that we choose to dine. In fact, it’s often from the look and feel of a home’s dining table and chairs that the rest of the décor is conjured.

The perfect bedfellow to functionality is of course style, so give thought to your preferred look and how that communicates your personal likes – the shape of the dining set, its colour, its overall feel. Most people will generally choose a dining set that is suited to their room décor, but there are others who choose a set to inspire a makeover or welcome in a new chapter in their life. Some may choose a dining set that is entirely different to anything else In the home, to bridge the gap between rooms or to simply provoke and invite comment, of the complimentary kind, of course. If it’s rustic and traditional that you are after, then why not consider one of our traditional wooden dining sets.

Our range of wood dining sets are timeless in style and built to last over the years, never looking out of place as wider redecoration ebs and flows – a constant to be enjoyed by friends and family. Our ABS high gloss dining sets are fast becoming a popular choice of design for many people. Choose from our retro styles, or if you prefer, select something from our uber-chic, modern design dining sets. Our material choice is purposely broad to accommodate differing tastes, taking in high-quality tempered glass, chrome, brushed stainless steel and wood, the latter arguably being nature’s greatest gift to us all. For some people, the dining set they choose is the centerpiece and focal point of their home, for others it acts as a practical piece of furniture to sit at and dine, either way we have it covered. Our designers have done the hard work for you by marrying chairs and tables that match perfectly, after all the home is about harmony and we aim to deliver tables and chairs around which happiness is made.



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