Dining Table Buying Guide

Perfect for residential and business settings alike, there's a dining table for everybody in our stylish and modern range of dining tables. The point of convergence of any room, it's imperative to pick a dining table that matches its environment, and one that is appropriate for regular use. From homework to making up for lost time with friends, the dining table is far more than just a place to sit and eat, which is the reason why it's important to make sure you make the right decision when buying yours  We  hope this  guide will prove helpful, detailing factors  to take into consideration when purchasing, so that you make the right, informed choice.

Signature Style
Your chosen style of dining table will have huge impact on its surroundings, your wider home and those that use it for all manner of purposes Around dining tables happiness is made, so we suggest selecting a dining table that is consistent with the general style of the room or in keeping with that eagerly anticipated makeover you are about to embark upon. . Frequently found in the kitchen, easy going dining tables will inject a casual and relaxed feel. On the other hand, formal models generally found in the dining / living area, can be grander in appearance with larger proportions, created with entertaining and family time in mind.

For something current, fashionable and fresh, modern designs with their clean, crisp lines, smooth surfaces, and funky shapes can transform a room. Traditional designs, often heavier in appearance will deliver roots to the home, a sense of being part of the very fabric that binds the living space together, using traditional styles and shapes.

Size and Shape
The size of your room, together with the number of guests you are looking to cater for, are all key factors you should consider when deciding on which dining table to purchase. If you know you will be entertaining more than four people, and your room has plenty of space, then a good choice to go for is a dining table which is longer. This will give your diners ample room when seated. We have a wide choice of fixed top and extendale tables. Another point to consider is whether your dining table should fit in with the current theme of room and other furniture

Typical square and rectangle tables are of a classic design and their appearance, style and design will be as timeless today as it will be in years to come. If you choose a round or oval table, the smooth curves will provide you with a softer, sleeker design - these types of tables are extremely versatile as it does not matter if two or four people are seated at it, it will never look like a large table in a small space. The smoothed curves reduce the risk of clothes catching and getting caught on the square edges. These round, smooth curved finishes can generally be a safer choice of table, particularly in homes with young children.

Table Top Material
A dining table is used for many purposes and generally this will be regular use The design you choose should be able to cope with these demands . Cosmetic looks are very important and you should make sure the design you settle on fits with the chairs you have chosen and also the room décor. Consider what you require a dining table for. Take into consideration that if the table will be subject to food bits and spillage then waterproof and stain resistant surfaces are the obvious choice to make, such as glass, particularly tempered glass which is strong and serves as a stylish wipe clean surface. The transparent surface is space saving and it will fit in with any room décor and colour scheme should you choose to re-decorate. Wood surface dining tables are also a popular choice, as being a natural material wood looks stylish in design and is very robust.

Frame Type and Finish
To create style, tone and consistency, it is imperative that you match the finished frame of your dining table to your chosen dining chairs and other room furniture. Wood and metal frames are available in a variety of surface finishes making them look elegant and stylish. A perfectly balanced and matched dining table will create an inviting and pleasing place to dine….and much more. A brushed steel, handmade frame will complement your brushed steel appliances in the kitchen, for example. Choosing a surface that is mirrored chrome will add glamour to the room and if you are looking for something with a non-industrial look, then choose a satin finish or wood finish as the wood will match everything. For a large room consider choosing a walnut finish as this will be very pleasing on the eye and makes for an impressive room addition.

When selecting a dining table it is not just how it looks that is important, functionality is also key. A fabulous table at which to sit, eat, reflect and laugh can make everything taste better, including life’s curve balls which head our way from time to time. Choose wisely and your table will serve you well for many years.

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