Guest blog: Giving your home a January Detox by Lynne Lambourne

Lynne Lambourne takes to the blog to talk us through how to give your home a much needed January detox in 2018.

It’s all very well every January dusting down the ‘low carb’ cook book from the top shelf, getting the juicer from the back of the cupboard and buying yourself some new trainer socks, but it’s not just our bodies that need an overhaul after the festivities, our homes need some attention too.

January is the perfect time to give our homes a thorough detox, spending some time thinking about how we are living in our homes and what we are actually using on a daily basis.

Do you have piles of paperwork in the corner of your kitchen? Is one of your kitchen drawers full of recipe cards that you have picked up from your local supermarket but are yet ever to make? Do your children have baskets of broken toys and tat from party bags overflowing in their rooms? It’s time to have a quiet word with yourself, grab a few bin bags and get to work!

Here are a few ideas which could clear your home of clutter and clear your mind at the same time. A tidy home can relieve stress, give you mental clarity and help you focus in a much clearer way.

  • Paperwork - Go through that huge pile of paperwork, if it’s important then file it but I can guarantee that you don’t need the receipt for the newspapers you bought three months ago and the flyer about Easter Activity’s in your area is not needed anymore … it’s January for goodness sake … You missed it!
  • Broken things - We all have toilet roll holders that may have come off, loose door handles and cupboards missing knobs. Go around the house and make a list and then call a handyman and get them done once and for all.
  • Toy cupboards - Have the children grown out of playing with lots of their toys? Have a clear out and take what they don’t need to a charity shop or list them on an online auction site. Bin all the broken bits and pieces and the random things that seem to find their way into toy baskets.
  • Tackle that bathroom cupboard - just how many half used tubs of moisturiser do you need? Remember toiletries have use by dates too so lots of them probably could be binned to clear space. You know that foundation that you bought that actually makes you look like a Halloween pumpkin? BIN IT! It’s so cathartic and allows you to create new space where you can get organised. Baskets are a great way of keeping things tidy and make it easy to find things that otherwise would get lost at the back of a cupboard.

I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe is bursting and not in a good ‘Kim Kardashian’ smug designer clothes type of way - more of an overload of bobbly navy jumpers kind of way! So after months of struggling to find hanger space, I decided to bump ‘wardrobe makeover’ up my ‘to-do list’ and have a really good clear out.

So I thought I would pass on my top tips and maybe inspire you to get the clearout bug.

The first hurdle is actually finding some time to do the job, as there always seems to be something more urgent that demands your attention. Pop a time and date in your diary as if it’s a meeting you have to attend that can’t be changed and buy a roll of good quality bin bags and off you go.

Make four piles:

  • Mend Pile - These items just need some attention i.e it may need mending or alterations to bring them back to fantastic. Jumpers that may have a few too many bobbles may also find themselves in this pile, the Fuzz Off de-bobble machine can work wonders restoring jumpers back to fantastic.
  • Charity Shop - Sell on Ebay or Preloved and remember one girls trash is another girls treasure. You may not want it or fit into it anymore but someone else may be scouring the web for something just like it.
  • Bin - Now be ruthless about anything out of shape or with holes in it, old t-shirts with armpit stains, odd socks - As you bin everything, make a note of anything that will need replacing, wardrobe staples such as white vest tops etc.
  • Keep Pile - Make sure the item is clean and then hang it up on a good quality hanger so that it won’t slide off and end up on the floor creased in a few hours. Try it on and make sure it still fits and looks as you remember it. There really is no point keeping hold of your favourite dress that wowed them when you popped it on at University but now requires a month on a detox holiday in Thailand with daily enema’s even to do up!

Other tips and tricks that I have found useful:

Cluster clothes types together in the wardrobe and then pop them in colour order too, this gives a very quick and clear indication of how many of the same things you have, I was shocked at my obsession with Navy blue Jumpers. I now know to step away from the blue jumper aisle on any future shopping trips but it has also made it easier to find things and pull an outfit together.

Don’t keep something just because you feel like you are throwing money away – it’s a waste of space and time if you keep something that you don’t wear – the money has already gone.

If we are all honest we have far too many handbags and storing them can be tricky. I love the idea of turning your collection into art and using a wall to hang them on. It’s then easy to find the one that you want and it looks great too.

Become a more savvy shopper and try to go for quality over quantity, instead of buying one good item I tend to buy lots of cheaper things and my wardrobe is full of clothes none of which are particularly special or make me super happy.

I have vowed to try to refrain from buying disposable items but instead, look for investment pieces which I won’t get tired of and that make me feel super special every time I pop them on.

With a few hours spent and a trip or two to the local charity shop or dump you can detox your home, making it feel a much calmer place to live. Clutter around us adds to a cluttered mind and I promise you once you follow these tips you will wish you had done it months ago.

Now once your home is in order and you have found your trainers, there really is no excuse not to head to the gym and get detoxing that body too! Or shall we just take one thing at a time, as we don’t want to burn ourselves out too early in January! Hehehe

Good luck with the tidying everyone!

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