Guest blog: Styling Ideas for Children's Bedrooms

One interiors job that I just love is styling children’s bedrooms. Your imagination can go wild, there are no constraints on colour and being sensible is almost a design no no. Children’s rooms can be lots of fun with bright colours and bold prints and allow you to be creative with your styling.

The stereotypes of pink for girls and blue for boys need not apply. Transforming the room into something out of the ordinary and magical does not have to cost a fortune and it’s a great idea to get the kids involved too. They can help paint old furniture with chalk paint or decoupage it with their favourite comics, change the handles and personalise the piece.

Making things to display in their rooms or transforming the furniture gives them a sense of pride in their own space and may even encourage them to be tidier! The styling of the room can really make the space unique, that special place that your child can call their own. It’s the small touches and attention to detail that make the space stand out and add personality. The decorating and styling ideas used for the children’s room help them develop their personality and express themselves.


Lighting in any room is important but in a children’s bedroom the lighting can add that magical individual touch. One thing that everyone needs is a great bedside lamp so why not be creative and make your own. Grab an old lamp from a charity shop and then find some old plastic toys either in the toy box or again charity shops are full of them. You can then use your glue gun to stick the toys on the old lamp base and then spray paint them for a really unique look. It’s a really fun make and a great way to hang on to those favourite toys and give them a purpose once you have grown out of playing with them. The same idea can be done to a mirror for the room.


Upcycling things is a great affordable way to add some clever touches to your child’s room. Skateboards make really cool shelves, just attach some brackets and you are good to go, they are the perfect place to store trinkets and special things your child has collected and add a quirky touch to the room.

An art gallery wall is also a lovely idea, paint some old frames and then they can be used to display your child’s art work; it’s a much nicer way of displaying things than just sticking them on the fridge! You can change the artwork around on a regular basis. It’s like your own personal Tate Gallery!

Ref: The Caterpillar Years

I love adding a retro feel to a children’s rooms and this collection of vintage mirrors above an old school desk adds a really personal feel, you can find lots of similar mirrors at car boot sales or vintage shops. Styling touches like this grow with the children and mean that you don’t have to keep updating the room as they mature, a wall of Thomas the tank engine wallpaper would soon lose its appeal after a few years but styling ideas like this are ageless. The mirrors can also add a sense of space to a small room.

By their very nature, children are imaginative, creative and full of life, so it makes perfect sense that their bedroom should be a room filled with vibrant colour and creative energy. Wallpaper is a great way of adding interest to the room, this one is fantastic as it is lots of mini frames that children can either stick their own art work to or if Mum says its ok they can colour in. Wall stickers are also a fun way to jazz up the space and can just be peeled off without damaging the walls when your child gets bored or grows out of the design. The use of tissue pompoms is a great way to add some colour to the room and they are a fun activity to make with the kids too.

We all want to encourage our children to read and making a special reading space within a child’s bedroom can really help. I love this quilted fabric Lyon tub chair from It comes in a range of four colours and is the perfect style to compliment a kids bedroom, cosy to curl up in but not so large that it takes up too much space.  The range of bright colours it comes in are just perfect for adding a pop of colour to a room.

Styling up a child’s bookshelf can be a fun activity for them too, sorting all the books into the right colours, the perfect rainy day activity to keep them occupied!

Children’s interiors can be as wild as their little imaginations, so take the opportunity to get creative and help your children create a space that is part of their personality, who knows you may help inspire them to want to become bidding architects or interior designers of the future.


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