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Did you know we spend around 1/3 of our lives sleeping? Time well spent we say! Perhaps we are stating the obvious in saying it is important that we get the right level of comfort when heading to bed, but really, it is important.

That is why we have launched our new collection of beds that offer excellent levels of support and comfort. Available in stylish designs that are ideal for everyday living, you will be sure to fall in love (and asleep) easily.

We understand it is very easy to get distracted when preparing to go to sleep. Thoughts wonder, we play around on our gadgets and sometimes, put ourselves in hypothetical situations which may never happen. But, perhaps swap these thoughts and ask yourself…

Is the temperature in my bedroom right for me to get a goodnights sleep?

Is my room dark enough to sleep in and how much noise can I hear when trying to nod off?

What is my like routine before bed?

How comfortable is my bed?

They may seem like silly questions, but changing our perception could have amazing results and allow you to switch off sooner. Each element will impact the sleep you have and ultimately, impact many health and wellbeing factors.

Creating your dreamy space

How do you create the most perfect and dreamy bedroom space? We have put some easy suggestions together that can help you including: giving your room a lick of paint using colours that are light and fresh, declutter and have a shuffle around, introduce relaxing lighting (we have a great range) and move those gadgets out. Our earlier blog – 5 ways to freshen up your home for 2018 is a good read if you need more general guidance.

But importantly, don’t forget to pick the right bed. Our ranges are very versatile and you will be sure to find a bed that compliments your space and offers you the best comfort, support and most of all - gives you the best sleep. Shop our ranges here.

Oh that’s interesting...

We hope this blog helps you make some good changes to your sleeping environment and hopefully you can see how important your sleep time is. Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about our ranges, or sleep on it – we are always here to help.

Image source: copyright of Furnish Your Home
Information source: The Sleep Council
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