How to clean and care for your leather chairs

Leather chairs are an investment, and if they are cared for properly, they can outlast chairs made from many other fabrics and materials. It’s important, however, that you spend some time regularly caring for your leather furniture, in order for it to remain in good shape for years to come.

Here’s how to clean, and care for, your new leather chairs...

How often should I clean my leather chairs?

If you simply clean your leather furniture when it becomes dirty, you allow dirt and grease to build up, which could damage your leather chairs over time. This is a particular problem in the kitchen, where leather furniture can become greasy due to cooking residue in the air, as well as in the living and dining rooms, where chairs may be exposed to sticky fingers, pets and dirty feet.

Try to clean your leather chairs once every six months to keep them in tip-top condition, and to make sure they stay pristine. Of course, you should also clean your leather chairs if you spill on them. If you do have a mishap, try to wash the leather as soon as you can, so that the stain doesn’t have time to set, and so that it’s easier to get out without damaging your leather.

How to clean your leather chairs

First, choose a detergent with which to clean your leather chairs. Leather is not compatible with heavy-duty soaps and cleaners, which could ruin the surface and cause it to become rough.

Instead, choose a mild cleaner for delicate fabrics, or a specialised leather cleaner that’s been designed for use specifically with furniture.

Before you set to and clean all your chairs, it’s a good idea to carry out a spot test on a small area of leather that’s out of sight, using the detergent you plan to use to clean your furniture. Apply the detergent using a soft cloth, then wipe it away using cool, warm water. Wait at least a day before checking the spot you tested, to ensure that the detergent is compatible with the leather you’re going to clean.

Once you’ve carried out your spot test, you’re ready to clean your leather. Before you clean with water, use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove any dried on dirt or dust. Then, use a soft cloth to wipe cleaner all over the leather, before removing it with clean water, which should not be hot.

The best way to clean leather is with a cloth and not paper towels - you don’t want bits of paper getting stuck to the leather. When your chairs are clean, leave them to dry naturally in an area free from sunlight.

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