How To Introduce Faux Leather Into Your Home

Adding faux leather into your home couldn’t be easier, so don’t hide away from giving it a go (sorry that was poor). Anyway, we have put some helpful tips together to help you so here are some of our top tips on how to introduce faux leather into your home.

Before you go out and splash the cash, consider where you would like to introduce faux leather. Will it be in the bedroom? Kitchen diner? Or the living room?
With so many options, having a clear vision is important.

Style depending, having faux leather in the bedroom can bring a sensual feel. Dark colours may swallow up light however that can always be resolved with nice warm lighting.


Pompeii Bed Pompeii Bed



You can always have light coloured faux leather in your space too, just be sure to maintain them though by cleaning them every so often. Avoid harsh chemicals as this could otherwise damage your product.


Soccer Bed Soccer Bed


There is always the debate about faux leather being too cold in the cooler months and to hot or sticky in warmer months, however room temperature control can help. Faux leather adjusts to your body temperature pretty quick so you know you in the winter you will be kept warm. Adding a nice fleece blanket to your sofa always helps as you can just snuggle up. During the warmer months, it can be tedious, however if you are spending more time indoors on the sofa and not outside getting essential vitamin d, then something isn’t right. While it is hot, keep windows open so cool air flows through the house. This will help over come getting too hot and bothered when on the couch.


Sorrento White Sofa Bed Sorrento White Sofa Bed


Padova Faux Leather Sofa Bed. Padova Faux Leather Sofa Bed


Another great option is having a recliner in your space. This way you can have just enough faux leather in your home! We do like a pop of colour, so if you feel a little daring then one in red can be perfect.


Dominican Recliner with Footstool Dominican Recliner with Footstool


Dining chairs are another easy way of introducing faux leather into your home. However, many chairs you need or don’t need, they will finish your space off nicely and also add character to your area. Faux leather is also a classic finish so wouldn’t really out date.



Cairns Brown Faux Leather Dining Chair Cairns Brown Faux Leather Dining Chair


If your space is not big enough to warrant a whole dining space, then bar stools are another perfect way of introducing faux leather in to your space. Easy to achieve and work with, the less fuss the better really.


Carlos Bar Stool Carlos Bar Stool


Pablo Bar Stool Pablo Bar Stool


So, there you have it. Our top ways on how to introduce faux leather into your home. Now go try it!



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