Keep it simple: Minimalist interior design

Simple, clean, fresh. Minimalist interior design is something many of us aspire to achieve, promoting a simpler, healthier and happier home.

But keeping things simple can be deceptively tricky. Here’s how you can bring a hint of minimalist style into any space...

Storage is key

You want a simple home, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything you own. Instead, prioritise clever storage that will allow you to hide anything you don’t use regularly out of sight.

Minimalism is all about multifunctional pieces that are both useful and beautiful - think floating walls that double up as storage.

In the kitchen, think about the appliances you don’t use every day, and work out how to store them out of sight. If you’ve no space for extra cupboards, consider adding in a simple stand-alone breakfast bar with handy storage beneath.

Keep colour combinations clean and simple

Embracing a minimalist style in your home doesn’t mean you have to live in a white box, but keeping your colours clean and simple will help to promote a calm, clean look in your home.

If the all-white look isn’t for you, why not introduce grey. You can build up various shades of this neutral tone, to give a feeling of depth to your look. Don’t shy away from black either, monochrome colours work really well in a minimalist environment, though of course if your space is limited, you’re better off sticking with lighter, brighter shades.

Minimalist interior design certainly doesn’t mean you can’t include colour. In fact, having a neutral base allows you to experiment more with colour, trying things out and changing your look as you please.

Introduce brighter touches of colour through accessories like cushions, rugs, throws and prints. You could even consider changing your look seasonally with warm, cosy touches for winter, and fresh, bright colours for the summer months.

Cut back on the unnecessary

Over the years, you may have accumulated bits of furniture that you don’t really use. Maybe it’s an ottoman in the corner of the room that only really comes into its own at Christmas when there’s not enough seats, or a set of fussy side tables that you inherited years ago from a distant relative.

Use this opportunity to be brave, and to get rid of anything you don’t regularly use and replace it with multifunctional, well made pieces. For example, a set of stacking stools could be tucked away in a cupboard ready for use when the family come round, that can double up as side tables for a Friday night TV dinner.

One in, one out

A clever way to ensure that your space stays simple and uncluttered is to employ a one in, one out policy in your home. If you’re taken by a cushion, for example, only buy it if you ditch a cushion that you already have.

The same should go for kitchenware, prints and accessories like throws. Try to donate what you can, rather than just throwing things away, to keep your minimalist approach a bit more eco-friendly. This policy will ensure that you only buy what you love, and that you don’t continually accumulate ‘stuff’. You’ll also find that you save money, by only buying things you’ve carefully considered.

For more minimalist interior ideas, check out our Pinterest board with our favourite ideas and tips...

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