Lamp Tables Buying Guide

A lamp table does so much more
A lamp table is for lamps, right? Well, yes, it is, but their use in more recent times has magnified. Lamp tables are a must have in almost any and every stylish room and their use – along with the positioning of the lamps themselves – is more varied than ever. Here are a few considerations that we hope you will find useful when choosing your new table.

Where do we put it?
Lamp tables are usually positioned next to chairs, sofas or beds, due to the fact that this is where we sit or lay to relax and where we require additional lighting to read or shine on whatever it is we are doing. That said, we are all increasingly aware of the importance lighting plays in creating a beautiful living space and the use of lamp tables is now more varied throughout the home. Dark corners of a room can be transformed in to warm retreats with the introduction of a stand-alone lamp table and lamp. It may be in such corners, upon entering a room, that we use a lamp table to keep newspapers, books or even keys, neatly stacked at the foot of a stylish table lamp. We are becoming ever-more creative with how we use lamp tables in the home, recognising their versatility as a key player in interior design.

Wait a minute and think about it
Where will your lamp table be going? In which room of the home and what will its purpose be? Is your current décor traditional or contemporary and what are you planning for it to be in the next 1-5 years? There are so many styles of lamp table available, everything from the traditional to the ultra-modern and all manner of beauties in-between. Consider the material you may wish to introduce in to the room – with tables in wood, glass and metal, there is great choice to be had. Also take a few moments to think about the kind of table lamp you would like to position on it. The lamp and table don’t need to be identical but there needs to be a common thread – however subtle - that aesthetically brings them together.

Use them wisely
Although a lamp table will never be the big focal point player in a room, it has the power to add accents of style that will set the tone for the wider theme. With light shining down on them from a well-chosen lamp above, your new table will command attention and bask in an ambient glow. Opt for round, square, wood or glass table tops to create different lighting effects – for example a glass top and polished pedestal can weave wonders with the light. Introducing a pair may not be the original plan, but by positioning one table next to a chair and another in a corner your new tables can effortlessly bring your room together. Bedside lamp tables are usually purchased as a pair and even if there is only room beside the bed for one table, consider its twin lighting up a darkened corner and being the foundation to some new stylish bedroom lighting.

We have assembled an eclectic range of table lamps here at Furnish Your Home to suit almost every taste and room. Happy shopping!

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