Lighting Buyers Guide

We are incredibly proud of our huge variety of lighting options here at Furnish Your Home. From ambience to functionality and for every room of the house, we have exactly what you are looking for, with a wide selection of both contemporary and traditional options.

What lighting do we offer?

Ceiling Lighting

Every room needs ceiling lighting. Having ceiling lighting in a room helps spread light down and across the space for everyday living. Our variety of ceiling lighting includes pendant lights, chandelier inspired pieces and flush fittings.

Wall Lighting

For a secondary light source, wall lighting is incredibly popular. It is perfect for lighting certain areas of the room and can bring a wonderful calming atmosphere to a room, with that much needed ambience guaranteed. Our wall lighting options have been designed to suit any room in the home.

Floor and Table Lighting

Floor and table lighting are very popular choices to have in a home. They can provide a much softer glow than ceiling lighting, and can really help a room feel warm and cosy. Floor and table lights are also portable, so you can move them around as much as you like.

Lighting for every room in the house

When choosing lighting from Furnish Your Home, it is important to think about what space you need lighting for and what your home style is.

Living Room

A lot can happen in a living room, it is essentially the hub of the home as it is the place to relax, enjoy activities and socialise with family and friends. Therefore, it is essential that the living room has a variety of lighting to suit every scenario.

The best options for ceiling lighting in a living room are pendant or chandelier pieces. Ceiling lighting spreads light across a space, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish too. Our range of ceiling lighting includes both traditional and contemporary options. If you’re keen to make a statement in your living room, take a look at the Lecco range, which is available in both gold and chrome, our super sleek and modern Cancale range and the classic look Latina range.

Other necessary lighting options for a living room are table and floor lamps. Not only can they bring ambience to a room, they can also create a warm and cosy vibe. If it is cool and contemporary you are looking for, make sure to take a look at you’ll love the Brittany and Florence ranges. If it is something more traditional that you are on the lookout for, take a look at our Enna and Otranto ranges.

Dining Room

Dining rooms are all about entertaining and socialising, so having a range of lighting in the room can really help bring that much needed atmosphere to the space. The best options for ceiling lighting in a dining room are pendant or chandelier pieces. For pieces that will make an impressive statement in a dining room, check out the Torcello and Este ranges. If you’re looking for traditional pieces with a contemporary twist, look at the Sicily, Trento and Burano ranges.

Wall lighting is also incredibly popular in a dining space. They can help bring a warmer, softer glow to a room and create a wonderful atmosphere. For a classic look, take a look at the Nice Wall Fitting and the Sicily Wall Fitting. Alternatively, for a modern touch, take a look at the Sorrento Wall Fitting and the super sleek Albi Wall Fitting.


A bedroom should be a sanctuary; a place to unwind and relax. Ceiling lighting is a must for morning and day time use, and we have a range of striking pendant lighting for bedrooms. For cool and contemporary options, take a look at the Cancale Pendant range, the Messina range and the Limoux range. For more of a traditional vibe, discover the Cascina range, the Belle range and the Latina range.

All bedrooms also need at least one table lamp, which provide a softer, warm glow for the room. They also provide light for reading and relaxing times, and are perfect for applying make-up and getting ready. For modern options, take a look at the Florence range and the Brittany range. For something more classic, take a look at the Lecco Table Lamp and the Otranto Table Lamp.

Children’s Bedrooms

In a children’s bedroom, it is all about functionality. The lighting in a children’s bedroom needs to take them from playtime, to home and to sleep time. As well as bright ceiling lighting, where flush fittings are recommended to spread light across the full space, children can really benefit from having a variety of table lamps in their rooms.

For their bedside lamp, which is ideal for bringing soft, warm light to the room to help with bedtime reading and relaxing, take a look at our super cool Florence range, designed for a sleek and modern space. It is also important to have a desk light for homework time in a children’s bedroom. Take a look at the Brittany Table Lamp and the Nice Table Lamp which make the perfect desk lights.

Hallways and Landings

The lighting in a hallway and on a landing is hugely important in a home. The lighting needs to be bright for all sorts of activities, from finding your keys to leave the house, putting shoes on and giving guests a warm welcome into a home. For hallways and landings, pendant lighting and wall lighting are the most popular options as they are not overpowering but can spread light across a space making it feel much bigger.

For a modern home, take a look at the Varsailles range, the Lourdes range and the Limoux Range. For a classic touch, take a close look at the Todi range and the Cascina range.


A kitchen needs the best lighting in the home, as it is the space that the most activity takes place in. Ceiling lights are a must for a kitchen, and we have a variety of flush fittings which have been designed with the kitchen in mind. Our range of flush fitting lights spread light across a space, so are ideal for food preparation, enjoying meals with the family and relaxing with a drink or two.

We have a variety of sleek designs for kitchen lighting, including the Albi Flush Fitting, the Nice Flush Fitting and the Sondrio range. Alternatively, if you prefer your kitchen to have spotlights in certain areas and have pendant lighting above the kitchen table or breakfast bar, we have a range of pendant lighting designed for the kitchen. Take a look at the Novara range, the Todi range and the Abbeville range. Also, make sure to check out the Toulose Pendant, the Grasse Pendant and the Calais Pendant.


Of course, you are going to want to know the sizes and shapes of the lighting we offer here at Furnish Your Home. We understand that before you purchase from our range of lighting, you want to be able to imagine how it will look in your home.

On every lighting product, you will find the product details and the dimensions. Each product clearly states the overall height, width and length, so you can measure up and get a good idea of what lighting will suit your home style.

If you have any dimension questions that you’d like to be answered before you purchase, call Furnish Your Home on 0121 567 3131 or email

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