Lynne Lambourne: Simple styling ideas for your home this Christmas

We recently announced the exciting news that Lynne Lambourne was joining us as our monthly resident blogger! If you missed it, you can read all about it here. Lynne has decided to dedicate her blog this month to Christmas, of course! She has shared with us some amazing tips and ideas to get your home ready for the festive season. Take it away Lynne...

If you’re like me one of the best bits of Christmas is styling up your home ready to welcome friends and family. At this time of year, every magazine is full of amazing photos of rooms all styled beautifully giving us all house envy and making us feel like that old box of decorations that we stored somewhere in the loft may just not cut it this year!

Don’t panic … pop on the kettle and let’s have a look at a few simple and inexpensive ways that we can create some ‘Christmas Wow’ into our homes.

Before we begin, let me just say that as amusing as it is when one of your neighbours erects a 40 foot inflatable snowman in the front garden, that is not my style and certainly not the ‘wow’ that I’m advocating we try to achieve. Read on if you’re with me...

Alternative Christmas Trees

I love making things and these were super simple to make. I used old bed slats from a bed that had seen better days. I cut them to size and used a nail gun to secure them together to form the Christmas tree shapes and then I added a wooden star to the top. A coat or two of chalk paint and they looked amazing.

They look great either on your door step or propped up against a wall of a living room … you can even hang baubles on them. If you don’t have enough space for a huge tree then these can be a great alternative.



I also made a Christmas Tree using lampshades that I found in a charity shop. I stacked them all on top of each other and then secured them with wire. These look really effective when they are decorated with birds and vintage baubles. I have even attached lights to mine and at night it looks really stunning, it usually takes people a while to spot that it is made from upcycled lampshades but when they do they are always impressed.

Christmas Displays

Simple displays on top of cupboards can also add some Christmas interest. Popping vintage style faux mini Christmas Trees in domes is a great trick and painting an old piece of pallet with a Christmas message can add a nice touch.


No need to spend a fortune on an expensive wreath when you can make them so easily. Just collect ivy from your garden, plait it together, bend it into a hoop, secure with gardening wire and finally attach baubles to it!

This is something that the children can get involved in doing as it is so simple to do. Not only would they look great on your front door but collated together on a wall of your home and all hung at different heights they would look fantastic.

Last year I made a wreath using a swim noodle and lots of old baubles.  It took a while to assemble but looked super effective in the end.  It did require a fair amount of patience and the odd glass of wine to complete but pop on those Christmas Tunes and make an evening of it.

I loved the look of all the colours working together and something similar in the shops would cost a fortune. You can see a YouTube video of how I did it here...


I spotted this on Pinterest too and thought it was a clever idea. I don’t know about you but I lose at least an hour of my day being inspired on Pinterest. This looks very effective considering it’s just an old coat hanger and some wooden pegs.

I also found this inflatable wreath when I was at the Ideal Home Christmas Show which I thought was great fun. Perfect if you’re going on holiday over the festive period!! It even looks great hung on the wall!



How many times do we go to hang baubles only to realise that they are broken and can’t be hung up anymore? Well don’t bin them … I think large oversized jars of baubles make great Christmas centre pieces on tables, even better if you weave a battery pack of lights through them that can be switched on at night to give a cosy glow.

Wow Factor

If you want impact then this inflatable ‘Merry Christmas’ sign is a winner. I won’t lie and tell you it’s not a little bit fiddly to put together but it is really worth it as it makes a great wow factor at the end of any room. I used some sticky hooks that I attached to the ceiling to hang it from and I think it looks really effective.

So there you have it, a few ideas that should keep you busy and help you create a unique look this Christmas in your home. Remember, it’s your home and your style, be as creative as you like, good luck with untangling those Christmas lights and I hope that all your vacuum cleaners can cope with the onslaught of pine needles thrown their way this festive season!

Merry Christmas Interiors Addicts.

Love, Lynne x

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