How To Make Colour Clashing Work For Your Home

Are you looking to clash colours within your space? Well you’re in the right place! Here is how to make colour clashing work for your home.



Starting with a blank canvas is like a double edge sword – you have so much to play with but can feel so lost at the same time. It’s important to establish the colours you would want to use in your space, so creating a mood board can help you with this. Proportioning colours is always helpful which we have demonstrated below for you.



In creating colour proportions, you can envisage how much of a colour or how little of a colour you want in your space. Above, we have selected some prominent colours that work without the accents. This allows you drop accents as you wish and swap them for other colours that clash better. There isn’t really a rule on how many colours to you, it is your space so go for it as much as you want!



We often forget that texture is just as important. This lifts your space and adds character and of course, is a perfect way of creating clashing! Look at swatches of fabrics, ceramics and materials that you would want in your space. Place these next to your colour choices, do they clash well? Don’t forget things will be placed away from each other but it just needs to work for you without looking awful!



Print and pattern

Say you have a certain set of colours in mind that you feel clash but aren’t sure how to translate these into your home, adding patterned objects with these tones definitely won’t have you dreams clashing down! Try it, its always fun to experiment.




This is perhaps the opposite to making clashing work for you however, having a focus colour that you can build from will help you manifest a perfect harmony of clashing colours. For example, greay may be your base colour and what colour doesn’t work with grey? Because this will be the common colour amongst others, you can fail on introducing other tones that match and don’t match.



What does your space look like and where do you plan on putting your furniture? Layout will help you plan where to put your odd bits of colour. Just be careful not to clash in one corner of the room and forget about the rest.


Melton Dining Chair Melton Dining Chair


Jumping the gun

Yeah, don’t jump the gun! If you want to clash you have to be wise about it and think about how you make it a clashing land of dreams. It can be so easy to get carried away, but remember the end goal that you want to achieve. Take nuggets of inspiration and use them to create a clash you will be proud of.


Under and over saturation

Just be careful with how much you fill the space. For colour clashing to work there must be balance too. Too empty and the room may look odd and too crowded may just seem like chaos.

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