How to make a studio apartment into a home

It’s difficult for your home to really feel like a home if where you sleep, relax, cook and clean are all in the same room. Studio apartments have grown in popularity over the years and they often are the cheaper option to live in. But if you want to grab yourself a bargain, but still feel like you’re in a home rather than one room, here’s how to make your studio into a lovely humble abode.

It’s all about room dividers
Firstly, one of the best ways to be able to make a studio apartment feel more like a home is by separating the room…

Makeshift walls
If you’re pretty good at DIY, why not have a go at making your own walls to separate your living space. A popular choice is to use wooden pallets as walls; not only do they look great, you can also use them to hang pictures and they also allow plenty of light in.

Bookcases and screens
Bookcases are a simple, cost effective way to divide a room. Not only can you place more than one in an apartment to separate the living space, kitchen and bedroom, they are also a great storage solution and an ideal place to display all your favourite things. If bookcases aren’t your thing, use screens to separate the areas. If you fancy making your own screen, try attaching two or three wooden doors together with hinges to make a screen divider.

If you’d prefer separating the room a little more subtly, try using curtains. By using curtains, you can still get the privacy you need in each room, but only when you need it. Therefore, your bedroom area can still feel separate from the rest of the apartment at night, but can be opened up to feel light and airy in the day.

Make it look bigger

Chances are, you’ll want your studio apartment to feel much bigger than it is so it feels like more of a home…

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it works. To make any space feel much bigger, try hanging more mirrors around your home. Alternatively, create a mirror wall in your apartment and have it as a super cool focal point.

Not only will shelves give you more places to put your things, if you fix them to the wall high up, they will automatically draw yours or visitors eyes upwards, creating the illusion that the ceilings are high up and it is a big apartment.

Think about the ceiling
In small spaces, it is best to keep the walls a neutral tone to make the apartment feel more light and spacious. However, if you paint or wallpaper the ceiling, it will like the shelves idea, draw eyes upwards, making the space feel much bigger and bolder.

Storage, storage, storage!
When living in an apartment, it is vital to store as much as you can away so that you can make the most out of your space. If you’ve already used shelves, bookcases and more to store things away, why not try…

Ottomans are a great way to store things away. Not only are they an ideal storage solution, they can also double up as seating, and with a blanket and a few pillows, can be transformed into part of your seating arrangement or even a cute window seat. Alternatively, look around for chairs which come with ottoman footstools, like our Lourdes Chair. See it here.

Sideboards are a good storage solution that won’t look too much in a small space. They can be used to store away everything from plates, glasses and cutlery to books and DVDs. Take a look at our Seymore sideboards, which come in 125cm or 90cm options. Alternatively, check out our Kempsey sideboards, which come in 140cm or 90cm options. [LINKS TO BOTH]

Seymore sideboards - see them here.
Kempsey sideboards - see them here.

Top tips:

Here’s a few more top tips to make your studio apartment into a home…

Sofa bed
If you are planning on having guests over often, it could be worth replacing your sofa with a sofa bed. Many are just as comfortable as a normal sofa and means that you can fit more people into your home without the hassle of finding space for them.

Colour themes
To really make your apartment feel like a home, try colour co-ordinating each area so that each section of your space feels separate. For example, add hints of blues to your living room, but keep your bedroom green. By doing so, even if it is through accessories and not paint, the apartment will flow better and feel homelier.

Sofa location
It can be difficult in a studio apartment to separate your daytime activities from your night time. By placing your sofa at the end of the bed, it means that you are not looking at your bedroom area all day and can help separate the areas, whilst also bringing more structure to the apartment.

Spread the light
It is vital to bring as much light as possible into your studio apartment. Try adding a range of different lamps into your home and each area of the apartment so that it doesn’t feel small and dark. By adding as much lighting as you can, you can make the room feel light and spacious.

For more ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board…

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