Industrial interior design ideas: From New York to your home

Industrial style interior design was born in the loft apartments of downtown New York. Set in old working spaces like warehouses, lofts and old factories, their exposed brick walls and rustic aesthetic bore a new wave of interior style: the industrial look. Here’s how you can capture a New York-inspired industrial look in your own home...

Something old, something new…

The industrial look is all about juxtaposition and contrast - combining different textures for an interesting, layered aesthetic. Rustic statement pieces that have been repurposed work perfectly - think pallets, pipes and scaffolding, combined with sleeker, more modern items made of glass or acrylic.

This look is all about balance. One rustic-looking piece in an entirely modern room won’t work, you need to balance the old with the new to stop anything looking odd or out of place. Introduce rustic touches in twos or threes in a room, rather than individually, to avoid a mismatched aesthetic.

Here are some ideas for how you can play with texture in your own home:
- Combine a rustic wooden table with modern acrylic chairs
- Pair a modern leather sofa with a pre-loved table, or even a vintage trunk
- Place a sleek, modern glass lamp on a pipe-legged table

Style - in the pipeline

If you can, exposed pipes give an instant industrial look to any space. Like brickwork, though, this is an easy look to fake if you’re not lucky enough to have these features for real. Look out for bookshelves made from pipework, tables with pipe-style legs, and even bedframes crafted from industrial pipes for a chic, New York style aesthetic.

Exposed brickwork - fake it ‘till you make it

The classic industrial apartments that inspired this style were characterised by beautiful exposed brickwork walls, something that, unfortunately, not many modern houses are blessed with. Luckily, this is a look that’s easy to fake, thanks to brickwork-look wallpaper, which is available from most wallpaper vendors. Cover a feature wall with brick-effect paper for a bold, industrial look in a jiffy.

Choose a low bed frame

A low standing bedframe gives a bedroom an instantly functional, industrial look. Choose a bed frame crafted from wood or industrial-style steel, and pair it with all-white bedsheets, rustic bookshelves and bright prints with chunky frames for a chic look in the bedroom.

Play with lighting

Lighting is another great way to give your home an instant industrial edge, without spending loads. Pendant lamps are typical of industrial style, and can be hung at different heights to give any space a focal point. Or, pick up industrial-style floor lamps to give the corner of any room an industrial uplift.

Don’t forget to have fun...

Embracing an industrial aesthetic is a great opportunity to have some fun with your home design, rather than playing by the rules and living in a home that looks like anyone else’s. With a bit of imagination, some inspired touches, and a whole lot of edge, adding a touch of the industrial to even the most modern of homes is easy, and so rewarding.

For more Industrial Interior design tips, take a look at our Pinterest board:

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