Why do we put stars and angels on top of Christmas Trees?

Christmas tree toppers; they have become such a normal part of the Christmas decorations in our homes that we have probably forgotten why we even do it. Whether you kick the decorating off with putting your topper on the tree, or wait until the magical end, it’s no doubt that we all love placing the topper on the Christmas tree.

So, are you Team Star, Team Angel or on a totally different team? And why on earth do we choose these particular items to complete our Christmas decorating every year?

The first Christmas Trees came to Britain in the 1830s, and we can thank Queen Victoria’s German husband Prince Albert for that. He brought the Christmas Tree tradition from Germany here and after a drawing of the Queen’s Christmas tree was published in the Illustrated London News, Christmas trees became extremely popular in both the UK and the US.

Back in the day, and long before the great British high street, candles were used to decorate trees. Of course, nowadays, we choose lights, baubles and other colourful decorations.

But when it comes to what we complete our Christmas trees with, it can raise quite the debate. The majority of us in the UK choose to top our Christmas trees with stars or angels.

A huge amount of us choose to put a star on top of the Christmas tree, which traditionally represents the ‘Christmas Star’ that the Wise Men followed to Jerusalem in The Christmas Story in the New Testament.

Angel tree toppers also comes from The Christmas Story and traditionally represent the angel Gabriel. Many of us are also choose to top our tree with a fairy too.

But as the UK celebrates more cultures, backgrounds and views nowadays, many of us are choosing to top our tree’s with less traditional items. In recent years, people have become much more imaginative with their Christmas decorations, and there has been a rise in popularity of different types of tree toppers.

From stag heads, DIY decorations and big bows, to Poinsettia’s, pinecones and snowflakes; many people are adding their own touches to tradition these days, as it becomes the norm to celebrate Christmas in a way that suits you and your family.

So, what do you top your Christmas tree with? Vote in our poll!

What do you top your Christmas Tree with?


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