Recliner Chair Buying Guide

Picture coming home from work, stressed, tired and just wanting to relax in a comfortable Chair. What could be more inviting than a well-upholstered, more than adequately cushioned and quality crafted  armchair where you can sit back and  Unwind? If that doesn’t sound tempting enough, choose your chair in either sumptuous fabric or soft faux leather and for even further comfort, simply pull the handle and sink back into the reclining position and place your feet on a luxury footstool.

You can drift off to dreamland in a moment in any one of our swivel recliners and let the tension from the rigours of the day leave your body. This is the world of ultimate relaxation, it’s the world of reclining chairs, the place where you can truly recharge, reinvigorate and remove yourself of built up stress and tension.

Enjoy total relaxation in the comfort of your own home
A recliner chair is, for many, the ultimate choice of chair when shopping for a place to sit that brings with it the possibility of complete relaxation. We like to think that your desired level of comfort is provided in any one of our recliner chairs, though as we are all individuals, our tastes and requirements differ and that is why we present such great choice. We provide fantastic adjustable positioning - If you wish to relax while reading a book, then perhaps choose a very slight incline and If you would like total relaxation, then let go and recline the chair back fully. Recliners are the perfect option after a long day at work, and also great for a quick 40 winks, listening to music or just lazing around.

Recliner chairs first originated in America back in the 1920s when they were developed by a company by the name of La-Z-Boy who still make these wonderful recliners today. Fast forward to the 1950s, the Ottoman debuted. The purpose of the Ottoman was to help you relax further - while reclining in your chair the ottoman was used to rest your feet. Footrests have become popular these days with many people opting for plush foot stools for heightened comfort in the chair

Recliner chairs are available in various styles, including rocker recliner , glider recliner, swivel recliner, wall-hugger and a hi-leg recliner . There are also double recliners, often known as reclining sofas… and more. So take some time to explore what’s in the market and decide which style best suits you – we have a collection that will appeal to most individuals and homes.

Designed with comfort in mind
Recliners are often chosen for relaxation because they work so well with our body. A reclining chair design will contour to our bodies when seated in the chair. A good recliner will support you firmly where required and provide high levels of comfort. They are stylish to look at and are available in a variety of designs and upholstery finishes. Peruse our range and choose from stylish fabrics and soft faux leathers.

Here are some handy pointers when choosing your recliner as there are some key factors to take into consideration when looking for a chair:
• Price
• Comfort
• Style
• Will it fit
• Automation offered

The price of the recliner will vary depending on build quality, material and function, however we are proud to cover all three of these areas in our recliner collection.

A good quality recliner – as you will find here - will smoothly slide back and its operation will be supremely quiet thanks to great engineering.

Recliners offer wonderful comfort, after all, that’s what they’ve been designed to do. The type of cushioning and upholstery contributes to comfort levels, combing to offer softness and support.

Recliners are available in a range of styles. Choose from modern and contemporary to the more traditional, whichever suits your requirements. Recliners fit people of all heights but if you are tall, there are some recliners on the market available in longer sizes. Recliners also come as manual or mechanical chairs.

A Recliner Just For you
Recliners are available in a variety of styles and with varying functions so you are sure to find the one you are looking for. Before you make a final decision on your recliner, you need to figure out where you are going to put it. A recliner requires additional space around it – for reclining and space at the front for the foot rest.

Our website offers a range of recliners available in a range of styles at affordable prices. We are certain you will find what you are looking for on our website. Browse our selection and pick a little piece of luxury that you can relax in comfortably.

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