A room that works: Home office ideas for every space

Thanks to modern technology, working remotely from home is becoming more and more common in a whole range of industries. And, whether you work from home every day, take the odd day from home when needed, or just need a space to complete household paperwork or use the computer, it’s important to have a space that encourages productivity.

Here's how to achieve a home office in your humble abode...

Keep it separate

Even if you don’t have an entire room you can dedicate to working, having a space that’s separate from your living and relaxing space creates an important border between work and play.

Of course, a spare room is perfect for this, but if you don’t have one, adding a desk space to the living room works well. Working on the sofa, or even on your bed, blurs the boundaries between your home and work life, which can either reduce productivity or prevent you from ’switching off’.

Choose the correct chair

If you’re going to be spending long periods of time at your desk, choosing a supportive office chair is really important to preserve the health of your back. A supportive, ergonomic chair doesn’t have to compromise on looks either, which is particularly important when your home office is situated somewhere like your living room.

When selecting the perfect chair, make sure that the height can be adjusted to suit your needs. Your eyes should be level with your computer screen, so you’re not craning your neck or hunched over your keyboard.

Storage is key

A tidy desk produces a tidy mind - it’s hard to think straight when your desk is covered in paper, stationery and books. When you’re setting up your home office, make sure you have enough storage for all of your working needs. If you use a lot of books when you work, add a couple of floating bookshelves.

If you use lots of paper and files, a small filing cabinet may be necessary. This is particularly important if your home office is a part of your living space, as storage will allow you to neatly pack everything away at the end of the day, effectively separating your work and home life.

Minimise distractions

While the odd family photo on your desk may be nice, try to keep your home office space as free from clutter and distractions as you can. If you’ve included shelves, try to restrict the contents of your shelves to work-related books.

Go green

Pot plants are great additions to any home office. Not only do they make a space feel more vibrant, they have a calming influence and even make the air around your working space more pure.

Low-maintenance options like cacti and succulents work best here, as they won’t need a lot of attention, distracting you from your work. Watering your plants every now and then, however, can be a calming and welcome distraction.

For more home office ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board...

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