Sideboard Buying Guide

The sideboard’s place in the home is long established, a quintessentially British staple, the use of which in the living space is growing in variety as we once again fall in love with this corner stone of any fabulous interior.

Why choose a sideboard?
The answer to that question is quite simple: Why not? The sideboard has evolved with generations, once isolated primarily in the dining room and handed down by grandparents to their children and their children’s children along with the dining set, the sideboard is now invited in to the wider home and it’s easy to see why. Sideboard design is now more eclectic in appearance and supremely functional. Our living spaces have changed over the years too and there is no better piece of furniture to bridge the gap between rooms when open plan living is in play.

What to do with it?
Do with it as you will. That isn’t a sweeping statement, it’s an honest one. A sideboard is no longer just for storing dining cutlery, family photos and knick-knacks. Oh no. Their use is far more functional than that. Beautiful in appearance and impressively useful by design and build, a modern day sideboard makes for a welcome addition in almost any home. A stunning focal point in the room with items stored neatly inside and the top dressed with perhaps a stylish lamp or two and more, a sideboard’s use is multiple and varied. They make for great child’s play storage, an impressive TV unit and also provide valuable work top space – a consideration for many with home-working on the up. Move away from any preconceived, rigid thoughts on sideboard use and unleash your creativity - our sideboard designs here at Furnish Your Home invite you to do just that.

Where to position your sideboard and what size to choose?
The elegant shapes, lines and proportions in modern day sideboard design invite their use throughout the home. There are different styles and sizes to choose from, depending on its intended use, with some sideboards displaying evolutionary progression from console table designs. There are different lengths and depths of sideboard, so take a close look at the space at your disposal and choose wisely. As previously mentioned, a great looking sideboard will effortlessly bridge the gap between areas in open plan environments and stand as a focal point in almost any room. If space saving is a key consideration for you then a sideboard offers fabulous storage and can also provide a top space for keeping items on or a TV.

Introducing a stylish new sideboard to the home can be a real win-win. We have a selection for you to choose from here at Furnish Your Home in Oak and Walnut, different styles displaying all the positive virtues of time-honoured sideboard design, mixed with a clearly evident modern twist.

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