Style From Scandinavia: Scandi Design For Every Home

Blending form and function simply and beautifully, Scandinavian design is enviably chic. Hailing from the five Nordic countries, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway, Scandi style is characterised by a minimalist aesthetic, light colours, natural textures like wood and wool, and clean, simple lines.

Here’s how you can capture the essence of Scandi style in your interior design:

Use neutral, bright colours

During midwinter in Iceland, the country only sees five hours of daylight per day. Because light is scarce for the Nordic countries in winter, Scandinavian style prioritises light, bright colours, to make the most what natural light there is.

While our winters may not be so extreme, taking the basic principles of a bright, neutral colour palette, can give a cool, calm look to any space, working wonders for smaller rooms without much natural light. Layer bright whites with cream and varying shades of grey for an utterly cool Scandi look. Can’t do without colour? Try incorporating cool hues of blue and green to keep your home’s look fresh.

Layer natural textures for a Scandi style

Natural wooden floors are the epitome of Scandi style, but that’s not possible for every home. For a simple way to add a touch of Scandi style to your space, accessorize with heavy wool throws, fur or faux fur cushions and rustic wooden chairs, tables and picture or mirror frames.

Choose natural textures and layer them up for a traditional Scandi look, and don’t be afraid to mix and match wood finishes. The more textures, the better, particularly when paired with a neutral base.

Let the light in

Don’t lock out the light with heavy curtains, opt for lighter window fixtures to let as much natural light in as possible. Pretty, light curtains or blinds work well. Make a point of opening them up every morning to let light flood your home to keep things light, bright and cool.

Scale back furniture and accessories

Decluttering is key to achieving a truly Scandinavian look through your interior design. Don’t just focus on cutting back on accessories, purge your home of unnecessary furniture, too.

Scandinavian design prioritises pieces that have both form and function. For example, a well-made, stylish coffee table with hidden storage within. Choose quality over quantity. After all, there’s nothing chic about a piece of furniture that’s falling apart.

Lighten up

Don’t just settle for one ceiling light. Play with different types of lighting for a modern, Scandi style. From pendant lights to modern metal floor lamps, layer your lighting for a bright, light, Scandinavian look.

Mix and match your furniture

In a neutral-coloured room, mix and match chairs can introduce a bit of fun to any space. To keep things coherent, either mix different chairs in the same colour, or the same chair in different colours. For a six-seater table, four chairs with a stool at either end also works well.

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