Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Are you winter ready? Not to worry if you aren’t as we have got you covered with our winder home maintenance checklist.


Keeping warm

It is so essential to stay nice and snug when the cold weather creeps in. Our range of beds will help you and the family do exactly just that. From ottomans that store away your extra blankets and cosy items to our fabric collections and mattresses, it is important you have the right bedroom furniture that will keep you warm during the winter.


Saskia Saskia


Cheska Bed Cheska Bed


Take the heat, stay in the kitchen

Depending on size and if your kitchen is old or new, sometimes they can be the hottest part of the house but sometimes also the coolest. We all know how it feels walking on cold tiles too. Make sure you have enough slippers available for you and any guests and comfy seats. Fabric bar stools are an excellent point of call. Comfy, warming and stylish – our collection will leave you feeling spoilt for choice.


Carter Bar Stool Carter Bar Stool


Check it once, check it twice

We do like keeping warm here so when the office door isn’t shut tight we can really feel a draft from underneath the door. Checking if you need draft excluders can make such a difference. You can get all kinds of excluders too.

It is always important to check your window sills aren’t providing an escape route for warm air. If it seems they are, have these repaired or replaced before the cold really hits.


Keep it smart

Smart meters are a brilliant way of using energy in a, well, smart way. Check in with your energy provider for one of these gadgets and it will tell you how much energy is being used. This will then help you think of other measures (if needed) to keep you extra warm.


Hot drinks

Okay, a little different to the other bits in our check list but are you drinking enough hot drinks? This may not be your thing so good old water is just as great. If you are the type who needs a table next to you (as it Is too cold to wonder to the other side of the room for your mug) then side tables and coffee tables are great to have. Plus they add character to a space and can be styled beautifully ready for the festive season.


Bethan lamp and coffee table Bethan lamp and coffee table


1, 2 testing

Checking your smoke detector and carbon dioxide detector doesn’t have to be left to check in the winter but it is important that it is checked at least every 3 months. They should have a test button of some sort and will sound if it is working. If it doesn’t, you need to change the batteries asap.


Heating up the place

Keeping your heating on throughout the day can be a super handy way of avoiding damp. It can become a struggle if you have painted walls that could be prone to condensation. If this occurs, you need to get the air feeling dry. Keeping the heat on is one way but also buying a dehumidifier is just as handy. This will draw out the damp in the air, helping you avoid a damp sofa and walls!


Attic check

It is super easy to forget the attic exists sometimes but do you know how insulated it is? Are there any holes in there? Are you storing things away up there that could get damaged with winter weather conditions? It is always best to check all this so if anything needs repaired before the cold months, it can be.



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