Ultimate Furniture Glossary

 Here at Furnish Your Home we know that all those fancy technical terms can be confusing, which is why we created our comprehensive furniture glossary to ensures that you know your damask from your glider before making your purchase with us.
 Ultimate Furniture Glossary



A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U   V  W  X  Y  Z






A term used to describe a drop-down flap often seen in the French style of the secretary desk, secrétaire à abattant, concealing drawers and shelves within

Abs plastic

A light, hardwearing material with a high-gloss sheen, abs is a plastic resin that is highly malleable, which allows it to be moulded into a range of ergonomic shapes


A style of modern design that experiments with shapes and forms.

Accent chair

An accent chair is a statement or occasional chair that can be bold and modern or traditional and ornate in design, often upholstered in a statement fabric, our accent chairs add a little wow factor to your living space


Although this translucent material can be similar in appearance to glass, its strong and impact resistant nature makes it perfect for use in high-traffic areas. Often used to form the seat in contemporary designs, it is perfect for compact rooms as it occupies minimal visual space

Active turns

Active turns refers to the number of coils in a spring. The more active turns in a single continuous pocket spring, the more responsive it is, meaning a more even distribution of vertical downward pressure for greater support

Adjustable bed

Adjustable beds are a great option for anyone struggling to get in and out of bed or even to gain a comfortable night's sleep

Alcove shelving

Alcove shelving is shelving that fits neatly into an alcove space in a room, so it is flush with the rest of the wall.

Angled armrest

An angled armrest is a slanted armrest designed to support your arm

Aniline leather

Aniline leather is a type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes that retain the hide's natural surface with the 'grain'. For this reason, aniline leather is one of the most popular finishes in leather manufacturing. Only high-quality leathers are suitable for an aniline finish. This leather is soft and supple with a rich, penetrating colour


A piece of furniture or object that is more than 100 years old.

Antique style

The word antique usually refers to a collectable item, that's at least 100 years old. Antique style is where furniture has elements from earlier times, for example, a table might have ball feet or a sofa might have a scroll arm.


The use of finishes and other techniques to create the appearance of age. Antiquing can be applied to metal home accents, wooden pieces, and even leather to create an elegantly worn look.


A term for a category of light which can be affixed to a wall. 


A decorative element joining the surface of a chair or table with the legs


An armchair can be any chair with arms. However, there are two different kinds: the fauteuil, with open sides, and the bergère, with closed sides


A tall standing wardrobe or closet often used to store clothes, which can feature one to three doors and sometimes a mirrored panel


Stools and chairs with armrests support the entire body, producing an armchair-like effect. Although these models tend to be the most comfortable, it’s worth bearing in mind that they can be wider than other designs.

Arrow foot

A type of chair foot that ends in a tapered cylinder, often seen in the 18th century

Art deco

A style popular from the 1920s to the 1930s characterised by bold geometric designs


A popular modern style where a table or chair is not symmetrical, giving the piece a little added character.

Attached back

Attached back pieces feature cushions that are attached, and cannot be removed or flipped. Prevents pillows from being moved out of place. Attached back cushioning maintains the durability of cushioning because the back does not move or wear as it would if it were detached






Bachelor's chest

Small scale chest with drawers or doors

Back splat

The vertical piece of wood running from the frame of a chair to the base of the backrest

Back support

Furniture with inbuilt support for the back, such as extra padding to support the lumbar region


Backless bar stools are those without a prominent backrest, although some do have a slightly raised lip at the rear. Popular for their compact nature, they can be easily stowed under the bar or counter area when not in use.


A support for a person's back when they are seated


Reverse arch handle or drawer pull hanging downward from pins attached to a backplate.

Ball and claw foot

A cast or carved foot consisting of a ball covered by an animal’s claw, in English furniture often that of a lion or a bird. The design is thought to have originated in China, where a dragon’s claw would represent the strong grip of the emperor

Ball feet

Ball feet give furniture a slightly more traditional style. Seen on sofas and chairs, particularly classic styles, which looks like a carved ball sitting at the end of the chair leg

Ball foot

A basic, historic style seen on chairs, tables or other casegoods, which appears like a carved ball sitting at the end of the chair leg. Also called a bun foot.

Bamboo turning

A wood turning to simulate natural bamboo that originated during the 18th century.


Veneer cut into narrow strips of contrasting colour for decorative effect, typical of marquetry or inlay. Often used around the edges of furniture, drawers, etc

Bar table

Designed for use with bar stools, these models stand at 90cm, which is the same height as the average kitchen work surface. Available in many designs with a range of different tops, they generally have larger and heavier bases for increased stability


A decorative style from the late 16th century through to the 18th century characterised by the use of bold sculptural forms, dynamic surfaces and elaborate ornament

Barrel chair

Also known as a tub chair, a barrel chair has a round upholstered seat, with the arms forming a continuous line with the backrest

Bas relief

A form of carving or moulding where the design projects out from the flat surface of the background

Baseball stitch

Upholstered furniture containing a triple stitch seam of fabric, with two visible stitches bordering a centre stitch between the two pieces of fabric. Inspired by the classic stitching on a baseball, this stitch is a design feature and often contrasts with the upholstery of a sofa, loveseat, or chair


The underneath or bottom. For example, the base of a bed is the part that supports the mattress.

Battery recliner

A battery recliner is a power recliner sofa or chair operated by a battery pack rather than being plugged into the mains. With replaceable batteries


Beading is a narrow strip of wood used for decorating furniture

Bed frame

Bed frame is another term for bedstead. The frame of a bed, including the slats or top, legs and sometimes headboard


A bedstead or bed frame is the frame of a bed, including the slats or top, legs and often the headboard

Bench seat

A sofa or loveseat that utilizes only one long seat cushion. Bench seating is streamlined, attached cushioning. Sofas and couches, loveseats and other upholstered pieces can feature bench seating


Wood softened by steam for bending into curved shapes.


A kind of upholstered armchair with closed sides that first became popular in the 18th century


An edge that has been cut at a slant, often seen on mirrors

Bevelled glass

Thick glass with an angled surface cuts around the entire periphery. The bevel on a mirror or glass piece adds visual interest, and enhances the formality of mirrored pieces. The bevel is cut into the glass, and is usually showcased by framing

Bevelled edge

A bevelled edge is where a right-angled table or surface edge, usually in wood furniture, is planned to an angle. Similar to a chamfered edge.

Block foot

A square, vertical foot at the base of a straight, untapered leg. Block feet are common on sleek, modern pieces and add a clean-lined look to home furnishings and accents


A kind of chest divided into three parts whereby the middle part is set back from the sides

Bolster cushion

A bolster cushion is a long, cylindrical pillow or cushion filled with cotton, down or fibre. Bolsters are usually firm for back or arm support and often decorative. They are not a standard size or shape and commonly have a zip or hook-and-loop fastening


A term used to describe the bulging outwards of a piece of furniture

Bonded leather

Bonded leather is a type of faux leather made of a material such as polyurethane or vinyl. Often used for dining chairs, this 'leather' is family friendly and easy to clean

Bonded real leather

A cost-effective alternative to genuine real leather, bonded leather is formed by combining real leather fibres, producing a look and texture similar to that of genuine leather. Not only cheaper to produce than leather, bonded leather conforms nicely to curved surfaces, and is a popular material for intricately shaped furniture as well as smaller items such as diaries and phone cases. Hardwearing and economic, bonded leather is a great alternative to the real thing.


A chest with a convex front

Bracket feet

Bracket feet are a traditional style of feet in cabinetry, these are corner feet with a concave line. They can be quite decorative or plainer in style

Bracket foot

A right-angled foot shaped like a bracket

Bridle joint

A bridle joint is an extra strong woodworking joint

Brushed steel

A popular frame finish, brushed steel is created by hand-brushing stainless steel, a much more laborious process than chrome plating. Offering a distinctive, contemporary look, brushed designs are often chosen to match brushed kitchen appliances.


French term that refers to a sideboard for china, silver, linens, with a top surface used as serving counter.

Bull nose foam

With bull nose foam the clue is in the name. Cushion foam cut with a rounded edge for garden and patio furniture

Bun foot

A ball foot that has been flattened slightly, like a bun


Furniture pieces that fit flush with each other to create unified wall arrangements.

Bunk bed

A bed consisting of two or more lofted, joined mattresses and bed frames. Bunk beds are typically stacked, have a ladder, and are conjoined


A bureau is a traditional writing desk, a bureau usually comes with drawers below and a top hinged angled section that drops down to provide a writing surface. Often contains cubby holes within the top section


A variation or "knot" in wood grain that creates a pattern when cut thin; often used for veneer or inlay. Burls are naturally occurring in wood, and can be mimicked in manufactured pieces to add an organic appearance


Hand rubbed polishing to enhance the natural colour of the wood. Burnishing adds a beautifully worn look to wooden pieces, and gives depth and warmth

Button back

Button back refers to a style detail, where the back of a chair is buttoned


Buttoned is a decorative style detail in furniture, with stitching through the fabric and the layers of filling or padding beneath that is pulled and secured with a button. This technique is used on mattresses and also on sofas and chairs, where buttoning can create a traditional look or enhance contemporary designs






Cabin bed

A cabin bed is a mid-height bed, usually for children, that includes drawer or cupboard storage beneath the bed


Cabinets can come in many forms, from the industrial to the ornate, and usually consist of drawers and shelves; some feature glass doors for the display of objects

Cabinet wood

Fine quality wood that is used for exterior surfaces.


A kind of leg that curves out from the seat of a chair or base of a table before curving into a foot in a narrow S shape. The name comes from a type of ballet jump in which the dancer leaps into the air with one leg forward

Cabriole leg

An s-shaped curve, bowing out at the knee and in at the ankle.


A sofa back with a protruding central "hump". Camelback shaping elegant, traditional, and can be found across various styles of furniture

Campaign chair

From British chairs used by officers, a sling seat supported by a collapsible scissor structure.

Campaign chest

From originals used on fields of battle, a fairly low, small chest with metal corners and flush hardware.


A candelabra is a decorative light fitting with arms that hold multiple candles or lights


A technique using the rattan or bamboo plant to create an interwoven seat, back or side of a chair


A piece with an oblique surface, slanting backwards at the sides from the central section.

Cantilever frame

Popular in dining chair design, cantilever frames are generally formed in a z-shape or a backwards curve. Often paired with understated seats, they lend conservative designs a modern edge.


Non-upholstered furniture such as tables, dressers and bookcases.

Castellated memory foam

Memory foam with castellations to create airflow, preventing overheating


Wheels that allow home furnishings to roll around. Each of a set of small wheels, free to swivel in any direction, fixed to the legs or base of a heavy piece of furniture so that it can be moved easily. Casters add versatility and easy mobility to a variety of home accents and furniture pieces

Castor cups

Castor cups and glides can be placed under castor wheels or the legs of furniture to provide effective protection for hard or carpeted floors.


Castors are wheels, usually made from metal, attached to the legs of furniture to allow it to be moved easily. Often found on traditional style sofas

Chairside end table

A smaller end table, usually half the size, designed for next to recliners or accent chairs. Chairside tables often feature a lamp, and are used for entertaining

Chaise end

A chaise end adds to the luxury of a sofa. Perfect for lounging and relaxing, many chaise ends have inbuilt storage to hide away the clutter

Chaise longue or lounge

A chaise longue is a chair with or without arms with its seat extended to be long enough to recline on.

Chaise pad

The footrest of a reclining chair or sofa. This pad provides the complete support of your leg while in the reclined position. Chaise pads enhance the reclining and relaxing experience


A chamfer is where the top corner of a right-angled furniture edge is planned to an angle, softening the line

Charles of London

A style of sofa or chair defined by its low rolling arm. Traditionally inspired by British furniture tradition, this style features dropped arms, with a classic rolled shape


A fuzzy yarn that creates a velvet feel when woven tightly; often used for upholstery. Chenille is soft to the touch, durable, and found in home accents, furniture upholstery, and rugs

Chest on chest

Two chests of drawers stacked together, with the narrower piece on top

Chest on stand

A chest of drawers on legs


Chesterfield sofas are large sofas with rolled arms the same height as the back, and typically with signature deep button tufting and nail-head trim. Attractive in a classic home or as a signature vintage touch in a modern interior


A chest of drawers in two sections, usually a smaller one on top.

Cheval mirror

A freestanding mirror that can be tilted to change the angle of reflection


A tall chest of drawers often used to store linen or needlework, sometimes topped by a shelf or mirror


Chrome stools, chairs and tables are formed of a steel frame, which is electroplated with a chromium alloy, giving it a hardwearing mirror finish that is resistant to scratches. Naturally resilient, it requires very little maintenance besides the occasional dusting. Featuring in both modern and traditional designs, chrome’s polished exterior allows it to blend in well with its surroundings, making it the perfect choice for any location.

Chrome accents

The term chrome accents are often used when referring to modern furniture, meaning detailing with a chrome finish.

Classic back

Classic back is a term used for sofas or armchairs with fixed back cushions filled with feather, foam or fibre.

Classic French style

The classic French style includes both the elaborate furniture of Paris for aristocrats and the more relaxed and rustic provincial furniture. Features could include cabriole legs and rush seats.

Claw foot

A foot carved to resemble an animal’s claw

Claw-and-ball foot

A bird or dragon claw grasping a ball.

Clic clac sofa bed

A clic clac sofa bed is a fast and convenient way to transform your sofa into a bed. Simply push down the backrest until it's level with the seating cushions.

Club chair

A chair with a low back, often upholstered in leather

Club foot

A flat, round pad, usually at the bottom of a cabriole leg; also known as a spoon or pad foot.

Cocktail table

A short-legged table usually positioned in front of a sofa or within an arrangement of chairs and a sofa or loveseat.

Coffee table

Also known as a cocktail table, it is any long low table customarily placed in front of a sofa, or in an entertainment space. Coffee tables often double as ottoman pieces, and are found across all furniture styles

Coil sprung

Sofas and beds can be coil sprung. Open coil mattresses and sofa interiors have shaped springs linked by a wire for a springy, comfortable sit (or sleep!)

Cold cure foam

Cold cure foam is a popular seat cushion filling of high density polyurethane foam produced without the application of heat giving it a closed structure that adds to its strength. This type of foam holds its shape very well. Foam flex is a brand name for this type of foam.

Combination mattress

A combination mattress combines more than one type of filling, for example pocket springs and memory foam. Combining qualities and giving the customer the best of both worlds.


Not to be confused with a chair containing a chamber pot, the traditional commode is a cabinet with doors or drawers, often highly ornamental

Console table

A narrow table that is designed to be placed against a wall


Contemporary refers to a modern style of furniture that is current, or of the present day.

Continental drawers

Sometimes known as 'conti' drawers, continental drawers are small drawers in the base of a divan bed. Very useful hidden storage when you are short of space, perfect for spare bedding and linens.


An outline defining a shape. Referring to the contoured back of a sofa, for example

Contoured seat

A contoured seat is another way of describing a shaped seat.

Contoured top or back

The shaped back of a chair or sofa, or the shaped top of a headboard can be called a contoured top or back.


The centre layer of a veneered wood

Corner blocks

Small pieces of wood, typically triangular in shape used to reinforce joints in the frames of wood furnishings. Corner blocks are used at the point of maximum strain on a piece of wooden furniture to enhance the lifetime durability. Corner blocks strengthen corners of seat frames and prevent the dowels from cracking under presser.

Corner chaise

A corner chaise sofa is a corner sofa that includes a chaise, where one of the seats has an extra section so it is possible to recline on it. Perfect for relaxing after a hard day.

Corner desk

A corner desk has an extra area at the side. Making it a good way to make the most of space and have extra room for working

Corniced top

A corniced top is an overhanging or projecting top that can be moulded or decorative.

Corrected grain leather

Corrected grain leather has had the surface grain partially removed to remove some of the hallmarks and 'corrected' to improve its appearance.


Coving is a concave surface joining a ceiling and a wall


A low sideboard with doors, used for storage or for serving food. The name comes from the Italian word for ‘belief’; in the 16th century the act of credenza entailed the tasting of one’s food by a servant to ensure it was not poisoned

Crema marfil

Crema marfil is a beautiful, beige coloured marble from Spain


The carved decoration on the top rail of a piece of seat furniture or mirror


Layer of wood between the core and the face ply of a veneer. Its grain is at right angles to the grain of the face ply in order to strengthen the veneer.

Crown melding

The ornamental trim around the top edge of a piece of furniture. Inspired by architectural melding, crown melding brings a classic finish to wood storage pieces like dressers, bureaus, and chests. Crown melding can also accent wood bedroom pieces, and seating pieces with wood accents or structure

Cuddle chair

A cuddle chair is like a snuggle chair or loveseat, a chair with a wider seat that is big enough for one person to stretch out on and two to cuddle up on


A case good with shelves, glass panels and doors, designed for display collectables, etc. Curios are often found in dining room groups, or entertainment centres. Ideal for displaying collectables, curios are a traditional furnishing that has become popular across many styles


Cutwork is often found in wood, where holes are cut to create a decorative effect







A lustrous fabric with a reversible pattern and figured weave, often of linen, cotton or silk, which can be used for upholstery


A narrow writing desk with a sloped top above drawers

Day bed

A long sofa, similar to a chaise longue, that can double up as a bed, often with a small headboard at either end


The surface directly under the cushions of an upholstered chair or sofa.


Often used to reference the weight per cubic foot of foam. Density is independent of firmness, but is an important marker of foam quality: the denser the foam, the higher quality the foam. Foam with a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot is less likely to "bottom out" or flatten

Director's chair

Named for its long use by Hollywood directors, a folding armchair with sling seat and back.

Distressed finish

The intentional marking or denting of wood to give an antique appearance. An antiquing treatment, distressing adds vintage appeal, disguises normal furniture wears, and gives depth, texture, and visual interest to wooden pieces


A treatment sometimes called antiquing, designed to make new woods look old by means of markings.

Divan bed

A divan bed is a solid, comfortable base for your mattress and headboard, available in a multitude of fabrics and luxury finishes. Many include useful drawer storage. There are deep, medium and shallow divan bases.

Double pedestal

A tabletop supported by two supporting columns. The two supporting columns, or pedestals, allow sturdiness and give the table a distinctive, symmetrical style


A type of joinery using interlocking wedge shapes, often used in drawer construction. They are associated with quality of drawer construction. Its purpose is to stabilize drawer fronts so that years of use won’t loosen them. In earlier construction, concealed or discreet dovetails were common. Dovetail construction and detailing is a classic, traditional feature common in English design, and found now throughout quality made furniture


Pillow or cushion stuffing made of goose or duck breast feathers. Authentic down is naturally durable and holds its shape well. Down is common in decorative and sleep pillows, as well as in seating and backing cushions on upholstered pieces


The way a fabric hangs; this influences its ability to shape well, particularly in an upholstery skirt.

Drawer guide

Strip of wood, plastic or metal under a drawer that serves as a guiding track for opening and closing.


From the French term, dressoir, originally a table used to dress meats that evolved into a cupboard for utensils and dishes. In the united states, the word describes a chest of drawers with a mirror.

Dressing table

A dressing table is a bedroom table, usually with drawers and a mirror and an accompanying stool. Usually used for preparing to go out in the morning or evening

Drop down manual headrest

This supportive headrest drops down when not in use to maintain a sofa's stylish, low silhouette.

Drop down power headrest

A supportive headrest that drops down to reveal a stylish, low silhouette. Power assisted to make it even easier.

Drop-in coil springs

A pre-made wire assembly usually containing coil springs, which is inserted into the seat frame below the deck to provide the desired level of seating comfort and elasticity. These springs add structural support and maintain seat height


A kind of table with extendable parts that hang by its sides when not in use

Drop-leaf table

A dining or occasional table with hinged leaves that can be lowered. The leaf is an extension piece, and on a drop-leaf table, hinges are to be lifted as needed to put the extensions in place

Dry sink

A low, early American two-door cupboard with a sink or with an open top lined with zinc or copper.

Dual adjustable bed

Ideal for couples who have different requirements for sleep, with two individual mattresses that can be adjusted at the head and the foot by remote control. The ultimate in tailor-made comfort at night.

Dual mattress

A dual mattress is ideal for couples with different bed requirements, as it has a different comfort level on each side.

Dual recliner

Means no more fighting for ultimate relaxation!


A down-filled comforter. Duvets are often an interior piece that fits within a duvet cover. Duvet covers are decorative, washable, and removable







Designed to honour the work of legendary furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames, Eames-style chairs replicate the iconic leg design.


The process by which wood is stained dark to resemble ebony

Eco faux leather

Eco faux leather is a sustainable material with the genuine look of leather


A classic carving motif of ornamental melding in which an egg shape alternates with a dart.

Eight-way, hand-tied

A marker of high quality furnishings, these are the hand-tied springs in a sofa to hold the supportive springs in place. In today’s furniture, most sofas feature metal clips and wires that keep coils in position

Elastic webbing

Elastic webbing is a strong, supportive and flexible foundation for sofa cushions


A style dating to napoleon’s reign (1804-1814) characterised by Egyptian, Greek and Roman motifs

End drawer

A drawer that is at the end of a bed.

End table

A small table that is used beside or at the end of a larger piece of furniture. End tables often are used for reading lamps, or in entertainment spaces to hold drinks

Enduro suede

Trade name for a washable synthetic fabric with a suede-like feel. This material gives the look of genuine suede with the durable, and easy maintenance of washable fabric. Enduro suede is a durable, lasting alternative to genuine leather pieces

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design is where a piece of furniture is designed with the needs of the user in mind, considering the relationship between a person and the furniture they are using.


The term for the plate of metal that surrounds a keyhole, often decorative. From scutum, the Latin for shield


A piece of furniture with open shelves used for the display of ornaments

Euro headboard

A euro headboard is upholstered all the way to the floor and is available in the same width as the divan (euro slim), or slightly wider than the divan (Euro wide).

Extending table

An extending table is a table that extends to seat extra guests, usually with extra leaves. Useful where you may want to hold a larger dinner party, but do not want your table to take up that amount of space all of the time.







Fabric is often used to cover the seats of both dining chairs and bar stools. Crafted to a high standard, these models offer a more traditional, demure look. Plus, fabric is renowned for being one of the most comfortable upholstery materials available. Unlike leather, the woven composition of fabric seats allows them to sport intricate patterns for a unique look.

Family friendly leather

Family friendly leather is a highly durable, yet soft to the touch leather, hardwearing enough to withstand family life. Often this is constructed from aniline or semi-aniline leather.


An armchair with open sides, usually upholstered on the seat and the back, leaving the wooden frame exposed

Faux leather

Faux leather is a synthetically formed, cost-effective alternative to real leather, designed to offer the same look and feel as real leather. Unlike real leather, it is available in most colours as it is dyed, giving you a much larger choice than real leather. Plus, it is highly durable, resilient to staining, and can be easily cleaned, even with detergents that would ruin real leather.


A feather-filled cushion or pillow has been made from natural materials for sinkable comfort.


A cushion or pillow that has been made from polyester fibres for firm, long-lasting support.


The pattern or design in wood created by the growth of the tree; abnormal growths produce unusual figures.

Finger joint

Connector consisting of interlocking projections used in furniture construction. These joins enhance the durability of furnishings, and add reinforcement


A finial is a decorative ornament featuring on the rails of a (usually metal) bed frame.

Fish mouth

A fish mouth spring is a type of bouncy spring used at the front edge of the sofa to promote comfort when seated.

Fixed height

Fixed height stools, chairs and tables do not possess a gas lift, and so cannot be raised or lowered. Fixed height dining chairs include traditional four-legged models, cantilever frames, and single-column frames, some of which include a 360-degree swivel feature. Our range of fixed height bar stools includes four-legged stools, as well as one-column designs. Available at various heights, they sit at low stool height, kitchen bar height or commercial bar height. Make sure that you take a look at our bar stool buying guide to find the right height of stool for your needs

Flame retardant

Items are designed with fire safety in mind, and are unlikely to respond to sources of ignition.

Flared arm

An upholstered arm that rolls out away from the midline of the sofa or chair. Flared arms resemble scrolls that move outward and draw the eye away from the seating area of the piece

Flat pack

Furniture that is packed flat and requires assembly. If furniture is delivered to your home and it is flat packed then usually the delivery team will assemble it for you.


Any part of the log which is sliced into veneer.


Vertical grooves which form an elliptical-shaped recess, often employed on columns

Fly speckling

A technique of antiquing that makes tiny spots in the staining process

Foam filling

It creates a more comfortable sitting experience by stopping your body from hitting the frame of the seat. Our foam fillings are shaped to provide optimum support, allowing you to enjoy your chair or stool for hours at a time.


The footboard is the equivalent of a headboard, but lower and situated at the foot of a bed.


Most of our bar stools feature a footrest. Different bar stools feature different footrest designs, enhancing their overall look. Often over-looked, this ergonomic feature can actually help to promote good posture when sitting on your stool


Footstool are stools for putting feet up on when sitting on a sofa or chair. They can be traditional or modern in style and many include hidden storage under a hinged ottoman-style lid. Often used as extra seating or even impromptu tables.

Four post bed/four poster bed

A four post or four poster bed is a bed with tall posts in each corner supporting a frame from which curtains or textiles can hang. Originally a practical choice for keeping warm at night, it is now chosen to make a grand statement and can be modern or more traditional in style.


The frame is a rigid supporting structure. Integral to cabinets, tables and other furniture.

Free-standing mirror

Very often a full-length mirror, the free-standing mirror stands independently and may swivel within a frame or support. Also known as a cheval mirror.

French dovetail

A joint type made of a long dovetail shaped piece that is slipped into a complementing mortise. Often used in drawer construction, French dovetail joints add to the durability and craftsmanship of casegoods and other storage pieces


A broad, horizontal band which is often decorated with painting or sculpture

Front edge seat suspension

Spring seat suspensions with a raised front edge, fitted under seat cushions and giving increased comfort and support.

Front rail

The piece of wood that runs between the front two legs of a chair

Fsc certified

Certified by the forest stewardship council, promoting responsible management of the world's forests - we take sustainability seriously. What's more, these certified frames come with a lifetime guarantee.

Full grain leather

Full grain leather is a hide that has not been sanded, buffed or coloured. All of the natural beauty of the grain is intentionally visible.


From Japan originally, a futon is a padded unsprung mattress that can be rolled up or folded in two. A futon bed is a low bed or sofa bed with an unsprung mattress.







An ornamental wood or metal rail around a piece of furniture

Gas lift mechanism

A gas lift, or hydraulic, mechanism, is a cylinder that houses compressed air, allowing you to adjust the height of your seat. To raise the seat, simply get off of the stool and press the lever. This opens the valve, allowing air in and causing the seat to rise. If the lever is pressed when someone is sat on the seat, air will escape through the valve and the seat will lower. You can read more about gas lift mechanisms here.


A responsive, comfortable layer of foam, air and gel used in mattresses by some manufacturers.

Gentleman's wardrobe

Nowadays not necessarily used by gentlemen alone. This style of wardrobe includes drawers, usually below the wardrobe section but occasionally to one or both sides.


Term referring to the artistic output in the decorative arts during the reigns of the first four members of the British House of Hanover, between the accession of George I in 1714 and the death of George iv in 1830


A plaster-like material used to make a raised design on furniture; it is often painted or gilded.


A technique of applying gold leaf to wood for decoration.

Glass, black

Like smoked glass, black glass has materials added to turn it completely black and opaque. Although black glass feels and behaves like glass, it is more reflective and less translucent than traditional glass. This allows you to reap all the benefits of glass, including an easy-to-clean surface, with a unique, totally opaque black gloss finish.

Glass, clear

Clear glass is completely transparent. Often, the edge will have a green or blue tint, depending on the type and thickness of glass used, however all of our glass is toughened safety glass. A great advantage of clear glass is that you can see directly through it, meaning that your table will take up less visual space.

Glass, smoked

A popular material for table tops, smoked glass has materials added to it, darkening the glass and reducing the amount of light that can pass through it. Although still translucent, smoked glass has a hint of grey throughout. This subtle tint is a great choice for a slightly different look that will still blend into your environment.

Glass, toughened

Also known as tempered glass, all of our glass bar tables are crafted from toughened safety glass, which has been chemically or heat-treated to make it tougher and more resilient to impact. Not only safer than normal glass, it is designed to shatter into small pieces rather than long, sharp shards of glass


A mechanism that allows the chair to glide back and forth on a hinged or ball bearing assembly. Often coupled with swivel and reclining motion, gliders allow for a smooth horizontal motion


Gloss is a high shine coating applied to materials such as wood.


The fibre arrangement in wood, giving the appearance of markings.


Our range of granite tables feature natural granite stone table tops. Available in a multitude of stunning colours, the edges can be milled to produce both square and round tops. Known for its hardwearing properties, granite has an elegant lustre, offering a feeling of quality and style.

Guardsman cover

Our protection plan which covers accidental damage to new furniture.







The way a fabric feels, refers to its resilience, drapability and flexibility.

Hand side stitched mattress

Hand side stitching is a traditional process where the sides of the mattresses have rows sewn into them to hold the fillings in.


Processing fibres by hand to enhance the springiness and comfort of a mattress.


Any wood created from broad-leafed trees. Well-known examples of hardwood include walnut, beech, mahogany, maple and oak


An upholstered footstool or short bench


A way of using veneer as decoration, also known as feather banding, whereby two strips of veneer are laid at a 90-degree angle around the edge of a piece of furniture to create a herringbone-patterned border

High sleeper bed

High sleeper beds are great space savers and ideal for slightly older children, providing a multi-functional solution for your child's bedroom. With a raised sleeping area, the area beneath has height enough to be utilised for storage, study or sleep


Very high chest of drawers, taking its name from 'haut bois' meaning 'high wood' in French.


High gloss means a piece of furniture or part of a piece of furniture (it can be wood, wood veneer, melamine or another material) that is highly glossy in appearance.







Industrial style furniture

An increasingly popular trend, industrial-style interior design combines copper, exposed brickwork, distressed metal and wood for a factory-style look. Originating in downtown New York in the 1960s, this trend remains popular today, and with our great range of industrial bar stools, it can be easily recreated in your own home.

Inlaid parquet

Many pieces of furniture use inlaid parquet style panels for decorative effect. This consists of a geometric and often angled pattern of wood veneer pieces.


A technique of using a contrasting material to create a decorative pattern on the surface of a piece of furniture







A technique developed in Europe which imitates the lacquering applied to Asian furniture


A pot for holding plants, often large and ceramic for outdoor use, but can also be a more elongated shape for indoor use






Kiln drying

A controlled technique of drying wood that regulates heat and humidity the heat and humidity to reduce moisture and ensure the wood is as durable, firm, and h5 as possible

Kneehole desk

A type of desk with a recess in the front to make space for one’s knees

Knock down

This refers to any furnishing purchased that requires at-home assembly; also called ready-to-assemble (rta). Knock down furniture cuts back on costs

Koto veneers

Koto veneers are made from the light, grained wood of trees from western Africa.







A lacquer finish is a glossy or semi-matt finish, designed to protect the wood and enhance the beauty of the natural grain

Ladder back

A ladder back is a traditional dining chair back with two upright posts joined by horizontal slats.


A light wood compound made of glued layers of wood grain. Laminate can also be made of a layer of wood grain glued to the outside of a piece of furniture. Laminate is a cost-effective alternative to solid hardwood, and gives the look of wood

Latex foam

Latex foam is an eco-friendly material, designed to relieve pressure and promote better comfort. A great option for allergy sufferers.


Lattice work is decorative woodwork with a woven interlocking design.


A single panel in a tabletop, sometimes removable or droppable, dependent on construction. A leaf is often an extension piece used whenever additional seating is needed. A leaf can be hinged, discreetly concealed within a table, or an additional piece that fits inside the extended area


Leather is a durable and flexible material made from tan

Left-hand facing

A left-hand corner sofa has a right-hand arm unit


Many of our more traditional stools, dining chairs and tables are supported by four-legged frames. These fixed frames offer unparalleled stability, and feature in both traditional and more modern designs, as well as being available in both wood and metal finishes

Lift and rise chair

A reclining chair with a mechanism that raises the seat off the ground, elevating the sitter to a standing position. Lift and rise chairs are great for people with difficulty standing from a seated position.

Linear detailing

Often found in modern furniture, sleek straight lines are picked out in a contrasting material or colour.


A carved motif that looks like a scroll of linen.

Loft bed

A single bed that is elevated from the floor requiring stairs or a ladder. Loft beds save on space, and free up floor space for additional storage. Loft beds are ideal for students and children

Loose back

An upholstery furniture piece in which the back pillows are detached from the back frame meaning cushions can be flipped and moved as needed.

Lounge sets

Lounge sets are perfect for long summer days, garden seating that is relaxed and that often includes a garden sofa, table and footstools.


A small sofa designed for two people, often made in an s shape so that a conversation can be held face-to-face

Low relief

A form of decoration in which the design is only slightly raised from the surface.


A low side table usually with three drawers and cabriole legs

Lumbar support

Providing a supportive, curved shape to give extra shape to your body/back







A brown tropical hardwood with reddish undertones often used in furniture construction. Mahogany is associated with a rich, deep tone. Mahogany is used in office, dining, and bedroom furnishings and is very popular

Man-made fibres

This term refers to all synthetic fibres.

Manual recliner

Referring to sofas and chairs that have a manual operated reclining system


A naturally occurring stone, it is similar to granite but softer in nature, visually exhibiting more coloured veins. Available in a range of colours, marble can be either square or rounded.


A decorative pattern made by inlaying unusual woods, mother of pearl, etc., into a veneered surface.


A finish that does not have a reflective quality. Unlike a glossy finish, matte finishes do not have any sheen to them

Mattress protector

A mattress protector is an item of removable bedding that sits on top of, or encases, a mattress to protect it. Some also provide protection from allergens and irritants such as dust mites, bed bugs, mould, and dead skin.

Mdf - medium density fibreboard

A strong and sturdy base, often used for panels in furniture, on which a finish such as a high-gloss finish can be applied


A strong and versatile finish used as a protective coating for wood and other materials

Memory foam

Memory foam is a supportive material, often used for mattresses, that moulds to the contours of your body

Mesh fabric

A porous fabric that is particularly popular in office chair design. The holes in mesh fabric allow the air to circulate, keeping you cool for long periods of time. Plus, it can be easily formed to encompass the body, offering great support. Its perforated surface also makes it incredibly light, allowing you to move your chair with ease.

Mid sleeper bed

Mid sleeper beds are perfect for young children (approx. 6+ years) and great when space is at a premium. That little bit of height allows for either a play tent underneath to make a den or useful storage solutions.

Mid-century modern style

Born in the middle decades of the 20th century, this style is influenced by the modern movement and in furniture often combines sleek, functional design with fluid curves.

Minimalist style

Minimalism is a trend in design where only the most necessary elements are used with the form and design of the piece heavily influenced by its function.

Miter joint

A diagonal joint formed by two pieces of wood. A miter joint is a simple joint type, and can be used in a variety of wood constructions

Modern minimalist style

A sleek, clean-lined look that is very popular for the contemporary home. See minimalist style.

Modern or modern look

Modern means the present or the recent past, so modern or modern-look furniture is the most up to date furniture with the newest and freshest designs. However in strict design terms the word modern can also apply to the modern movement of early 20th century.

Modular sofa

The beauty of a modular sofa is that you have complete flexibility to choose and rearrange your sofa layout when you move house or simply fancy a change, with the option to add on as your family or space increases.

Modulars or modular system

A collection of multi-purpose units.

Moulded components

Sections of furniture such as decorative panels or legs that have been moulded of plastic


Shaped strips of wood or other material added to a surface for ornamentation. A classic example is crown melding along a ceiling; melding adds a classical or traditional style element to furniture, and can be found in bedroom pieces, entertainment, and dining sets


A joint formed of a cut slot in one piece of wood and a cut "tongue" in another. A classic example of this style of joint is dovetail. Mortise is the groove or cut slot, and the tenon is long, projectile piece that goes into the mortise to create the joint

Motion furniture

Any furnishing that feature movement or mechanisms that allow for motion is a motion piece. Recliners, swivel chairs, rockers, gliders, lift chairs, sleeper sofas, futons, and folding pieces are each an example of motion furniture. Motion pieces can be power or manually operated, and vary in complexity

Motive or motif

The theme or dominant feature of a design.






Nail head trim

An ornamental trim of metal tacks that gives the illusion of nail heads. It is often found on the edge of leather and upholstered sofas, chairs and ottomans. Nail head trim is popular across various styles, and adds an industrial feel.


Nasa approved memory foam is the innovative memory foam technology found in mattresses to relieve neck and back pain and improve sleep quality.

Natural fibres

All fibres that occur in fibre form in nature.

Neck and head support

Extra neck and head support are provided through headrests on sofas and chairs, which can be fixed or manual or power drop down.


A style of design that revives classical motifs, popularised from the second half of the 18th century

Nesting tables

Set of occasional tables, in graduating sizes so that one slides under another.

No turn mattress

'No turn' mattresses require no turning at all, only rotating.

Non-skid foot

Any foot containing a rubber grip base to prevent the furniture from moving on a wooden or laminate floor. Non-skid feet are intended to protect flooring from the wear caused by moving of legged furnishings

No-sag spring suspension

"no sag springs" are also known as "serpentine springs", "sinuous springs", "zig zag springs" and "s shaped springs". They are a fixed upholstery spring system with s shaped springs running from the front to the back or the top to the bottom of sofa seats and backs. These springs give a clean-lined finish and a firmer, more supportive bounce.








Objet d’art

The objet d'art is a decorative piece, often a sculpture, that exists solely to be pleasing to the eye.

Occasional table

A catch-all term used to describe small freestanding tables such as coffee or side tables.

Open coil divan base

An open coil divan base is a divan base topped with a bed of open coil springs.


A generic term for gilt metal

Orthopaedic mattress

An orthopaedic mattress is a supportive, often firmer feel mattress that can promote back health and support the whole body. It may offer targeted support with zoned springs. Beneficial for mild to severe aches and pains.

Ottoman pouffe

An ottoman is usually a low upholstered stool that can be used as a footrest and sometimes also for storage, adopted from similar styles in the Ottoman Empire

Ottoman bed

Ottoman beds are highly functional and luxurious beds, designed to offer an invaluable, under-bed storage solution and maximise storage space in the bedroom. An ottoman bed usually lifts from the bottom, although some designs offer side lift functionality.


A piece of decorative trim applied to a flat surface. An overlay can be a veneer, and is an aesthetic addition to enhance the look of a surface. Overlays can be found on refurbished or reclaimed pieces, or on new furniture as a design touch








Pad foot

A kind of foot often found on cabriole legs that ends in a flat oval disk


Decorative motif derived from classical architecture loosely resembling an open palm leaf, often used interchangeably with the term anthemion


Many pieces of furniture use inlaid parquet style panels for decorative effect. This consists of a geometric and often angled pattern of wood veneer pieces.


Similar to marquetry, parquetry is a technique used on floors and furniture of contrasting wood to create a geometric pattern


Soft, mellow colour and texture of a wood surface resulting from age, wear or rubbing.

Pedestal base

Refers to a dining table or occasional table that has one sturdy, statement base, rather than the more traditional, four table legs.

Pedestal table

A pedestal table is a table with a central supporting base, column or pillar.

Pembroke table

A drop-leaf table often with a drawer and twin flaps to the long sides

Pendant light

A pendant light is a single light fitting that is suspended from a ceiling. It can hang with other pendant lights in a group, perhaps over a dining table or a kitchen counter or it can hang alone from the centre of a living room ceiling. Often suspended by a flex, cord, chain, cable or rod.

Petite sofa

Petite sofa is another word for a compact or small sofa. Useful in smaller spaces where comfortable seating is required.

Pie crust table

A small table with carved or moulded scalloped edges.

Pietra dura

A form of mosaic decoration using semi-precious stones, mostly seen on table tops

Pigmented leather

Pigmented leather is leather with a strong coating of pigment applied, adding colour and making the leather very durable and less likely to stain.


A fabric with a surface of upright ends, cut or looped, like velvet.

Pile rug

A pile rug is a rug where the wool or other material is in loops sewn on to a backing for a textured pile as opposed to a flat woven texture.

Pillow top

Seat cushions or arm pads including an additional section filled with a poly-dacron material to add a level of comfort. Synonymous with comfort, pillow top accents add comfort to the arms, seatbacks, and seating areas of sofas and couches, loveseats, chairs, and other upholstered pieces

Piping detail

Piping is where a roll of fabric is used to edge seat cushions, back cushions, scatter cushions and even the legs and arms of sofas and chairs. Headboards of beds can also have piping detailing. Piping is attractive and also extends the life of furniture as it adds durability.


Where a hinged lid or an ottoman bed top is assisted in its lifting up by a gas operated piston, making it easier to open.

Platform top divan base

A platform top divan base is a divan base with a solid top.


The term for the squared base of a piece of furniture if it does not have legs.


An expensive and luxurious looking fabric made of cotton, silk, wool or synthetic materials. Soft and velvety to the touch.

Pocket sprung

Pocket sprung refers to a mattress or cushion sewn with individually responsive pocket springs to deliver maximum comfort where you need it most.

Pocketed coils

Cylindrical innerspring mattress coils, individually enclosed in separate flexible fabric pockets, attached together to create support. Pocketed coils are common in sofas, chairs, and other upholstered seating pieces. They add durability and lasting firmness to furniture


The ingredient of synthetic foam used in seat cushions. It is used to create the high-density foam associated with top quality furniture, and is known for durability. Made to wear well over time, polyurethane is a man-made material common in a variety of high-end upholstery and furniture

Poseur table

Poseur tables are similar in design to bar tables; however, they stand at a taller height of around 100-109cm. Designed to be stood around, they are often found in more commercial environments such as bars, clubs and exhibition spaces.

Power chaise

A power chaise allows for maximum reclining, its full lay-out functionality allows the base of the chair to pushed out as the back goes back.

Power recliner

Referring to sofas and chairs with a mechanically operated reclining system - perfect for anyone wanting to take away the strain of a manual recliner.

Protective base & plugs

A protective base can be found on round-based bar stools, tables and dining chairs. Generally consisting of a rubber ring on the underside of the base, it is designed to help to protect your floors from scratches. Models with square bases usually feature protective pads, with one on each corner

Pu leather

Pu leather is split leather (the bottom half of leather hide) that has been overlaid with a strong and durable polyurethane (pu) coating. Extremely strong, hardwearing and easy to clean and care for. A practical choice for dining room chairs.






Queen Anne

A style of English furniture made between 1702 and 1714, simple and elegant in style and favouring walnut






Rain or bubble glass

Glass with air bubbles throughout the piece. Rain or bubble glass is common in-home accent pieces for its visual interest and design appeal. Rain or bubble glass is common in vases and decorative bowls, and adds texture

Rattan look

Rattan look is a tough outdoor-friendly material that has the appearance of genuine rattan but is sun and weather-proof so can be left outdoors all year long.

Recliner sofa

A recliner sofa or chair has a mechanism that is either manual or power that allows the back of the chair to recline back and the foot of the seat comes up to support the legs. This allows for complete relaxation.


Close, parallel rows of convex mouldings. The opposite of fluting.


The term refers to English furniture made between 1800-1830 in a style promoted by George, Prince of Wales, who reigned as George IV


Resin is a material used in some furniture and, in particular in artificial wicker or rattan for garden furniture. This all-weather resin wicker or rattan looks like natural wicker or rattan but is made of synthetic material that is sun and rainproof, so the furniture can be left outdoors all year long.

Right-hand facing

We know that every home is different. To make life a little easier, we manufacture right and left-hand facing corner sofas to suit your layout.

Riser recliner

The riser recliner is a great option for anyone who has difficulty standing up or who struggles with a loss of balance. Our riser recliners are great at helping you get back on your feet.


An elaborate style of furniture that followed the baroque in the 18th century, characterised by scroll and foliate motifs

Roll together

Roll together is a term referring to when you and/or your partner roll into the centre of the bed due to 'sag' in the centre of a mattress. Well-designed mattresses allow for even weight distribution and often have individually responsive pocket springs, preventing 'roll together' even if the two occupants are of different builds and weights.

Rolled arms

Rolled arms means the flared arms of a chair or sofa that "roll" back in to meet the sides. Rolled arms are traditional, but found across a variety of styles.

Roll-out mechanism

The mechanism that glides smoothly from a sofa to a bed in one, easy action.

Roll-up mattress

A roll up mattress is a mattress that is delivered rolled up, giving it the benefit of being easy to transport. When unrolled it typically takes 2-3 hours to decompress to its maximum depth.

Round weave rattan

Round weave is a traditional style of rattan weave, traditionally found in the garden furniture of English country houses.


Runners allow drawers in cabinets to open and close smoothly


The term rustic is used in many ways relating to furniture. It means relating to the countryside, for example a country style wooden kitchen table. It can also mean furniture made in a simple fashion.






Sabre legs

Often on a chair, table or stool, a sabre leg is shaped like a curved sword, curving outwards and often tapering. Popular in the Regency period.

Satin paint finish

Popular in both bar stool and dining chair design, satin finish frames consist of steel frames that have been sprayed with powdered paint and then baked, causing the paint to solidify and harden to give a uniform matt satin finish. Frames with a satin finish absorb light, lending them a more muted look than chrome. Plus, they benefit from the durability of a steel frame, making them resilient too.

Scandinavian style

Scandi style is a design movement characterised by a clean simplicity of style, an integration with nature and a minimalist approach. Born in the 1950's in the Nordic countries.

Scatter back

An upholstery furniture piece in which the back pillows are loose and can be arranged to your choice. This adds versatility to sofas and love seats. Different to a traditional loose back pillow piece, scatter back pieces have many back pillows which can be moved and removed.


Spiral-shaped ornamentation.

Scroll arms

A popular feature on both traditional and contemporary sofas where the arms form a scroll shape.

Seasonal turn

Seasonal turn mattresses should be turned with the seasons


A French term for a standing chest of drawers with a drop-down writing desk


Combination slant front desk and bookcase

Semi-aniline leather

Semi-aniline leather is produced through a very similar process to full-aniline, but has a thin protective top coat added to protect it from wear and staining.

Serpentine front

Chest, dresser, etc., with undulating front surfaces.

Serpentine springs

They are a fixed upholstery spring system with s shaped springs running from the front to the back or the top to the bottom of sofa seats and backs. These springs give a firmer, more supportive bounce

Serpentine sprung seats

Providing great comfort and support, serpentine springs zigzag across the seat or back offering excellent levels of comfort and durability.


The forerunner of today's sofa, a long seat with side arms and back, sometimes upholstered

Shaker style

The shaker style is a timeless style of furniture inspired by the craftsmanship of the late 18th century and the early 19th century which is characterised by its simplistic design, solid construction and complete functionality.

Shaped back

An upholstery furniture piece that has a curved back, making the two outer seats face slightly towards each other. Shaped back sofas and couches, loveseats, accent chairs, and other pieces are visually interesting and stylish. The shaped back feature is a deliberate design and accent feature

Sheaf back

Inspired by the shape of a sheaf of wheat, this style of back is common to dining chairs. The spindles on the chairs back gather in the middle, join at a connecting plank, and flare at either or both ends. This style of chair back is found across a variety of chair styles.


The horizontal section of the back-seat rail of a chair that supports the bottom of the splat

Side chair

A traditional dining chair with no arms that would fit in at the side of a dining table

Side tables

Side tables are occasional tables that can be used for a variety of purposes - from being used for drinks and nibbles when entertaining guests to being used as bedside tables or in a hallway.


A long cabinet often used in dining rooms for serving food and as storage

Sinuous spring suspension

Sinuous springs are “s” shaped and run from the front of the seat to the back where they are clipped to the frame. Offering the springiness of a coiled seat but benefitting from the ability to replace a single coil rather than the entire seat.

Sinuous springs

Steel wire bent into a continuous "s" shape used for the support system in upholstered furniture. These h5, sculpted springs provide resilient support, and enhance the durability of upholstered pieces. From sofas and couches, to loveseats and accent chairs, sinuous springs are an important structural support.


A h5, durable natural fibre that’s often used in weaving rugs. Sisal rugs are known for their lasting weave. Sisal rugs are typically low profile, and tightly woven


The fabric that hangs near the bottom of a sofa or chair, or a bed. A skirt can be a removable fabric piece, or a panel of wood connecting the legs of a piece of furniture. Beds, casegoods, sofas, and other home furnishings can feature a skirt piece


A piece of wood, perhaps part of the base of a bed or part of a headboard, that is flattened in shape.

Slat back

A chair back consisting of vertical slats instead of a single panel

Slatted base

A slatted base on which to place a mattress. With the benefits of being springy, adaptive and supportive and also allowing a healthy amount of air to circulate.

Sleigh bed

A sleigh bed is a bed with a traditional curved or scrolled headboard and footboard, so that the whole bed resembles a sleigh in overall shape.


A thick, uneven nub in yarn for a textured effect.

Smoked glass

Although still translucent, smoked glass has a hint of grey throughout. Smoked glass has materials added to it, giving it its appearance, darkening the glass and reducing the amount of light that can pass through it.

Snuggle chair

Snuggle chair is another name for a love seat or cuddle chair. A large armchair with an extra wide seat big enough for one person to stretch out on or two to snuggle up on.


An upholstered long seat with back and arms

Sofa bed

A sofa bed is a sofa that becomes a convenient additional guest bed, transforming with an easy roll-out or fold mechanism.

Sofa bed roll-out mechanism

An easy-glide mechanism that takes the pain and strain out of guests coming to stay. With the added benefit of keeping sofa cushions in place.

Sofa bed two-fold mechanism

As simple as it sounds, the sofa opens in two steps. A sturdy, mechanism that is quick and easy to open - a smart option when guests come to stay

Sofa table

A high, small table to be placed alongside a sofa with twin flaps to the short ends

Soft close drawers

Soft-close drawers close quietly and softly, they can't be slammed shut. Perfect if you like peace and quiet!

Soft wood

Soft wood is a renewable wood used for crafting furniture.

Soft-click arms

A great extra for maximum lounging potential, soft-click arms adjust easily to your perfect position, transforming a sofa into a day bed. Why sit when you can lie back and relax?


A general term for the wood of trees that remain green all year.

Spade foot

Rectangular, tapered foot separated from the rest of the leg by a slight projection.

Spindle back

A chair with turned spindles instead of a single panel as a backrest

Split back

A multi-functional chair or sofa which features an adjustable back with three positions: sit, relax and bed.

Split leather

All leather hides are split as they are too thick to use for upholstery. Split leather is the bottom layer of a hide. It is often used on the outside back and sides of a sofa, sanded down and embossed with a consistent graining pattern.

Sprung edge divan base

A divan base with a layer of springs that go the edge of the base.

Sprung seats

Sprung seats are sofa or chair seats including a layer of coil springs to enhance the support and comfort.

Sprung slatted base

Where the wooden slats of a bed (often beech plywood) are fitted so that they are slightly convex, making them springy. This gives extra support to a mattress.

Stacking furniture

Pieces designed so they work together and can be super-imposed on each other for unified wall systems.


A fabric which can withstand tough stains such as dirt, wine and coffee.

Starburst design

Table legs that are arranged in a contemporary starburst pattern, something that makes a statement in modern homes.

Steel band base

Trademarked by flex steel, these durable steel bands are an advanced support system for your upholstered furniture. Flex steel band bases provide unmatched support for reclining chairs, motion sofas and couches, and other upholstered pieces

Straw marquetry

A form of marquetry which uses straw instead of wood to create a contrasting pattern on the surface of a piece


Often forming an h, x or y shape, the stretcher runs between the legs of a chair or table to reinforce the structure

Strutted headboard

A strutted headboard is attached to the divan with two struts and rises from the top of the mattress.


Often relating to springs, where support is given in furniture.

Sustainable wood

Wood from sustainable forests where for every tree used another is planted.

Swivel chair

A swivel chair is a chair that turns up to 360 degrees, an office chair or a swivel armchair with footstool.

Swivel-motion extension mechanism

This clever mechanism, allows you to extend your dining table with ease (and impress your guests at the same time).

Synthetic fibres

Manufactured fibres resulting from chemical synthesis.






Table top- rectangular, round or square

Typically, bar tables take one of three shapes: rectangular, round or square. Most popular are circular tables, available in a range of materials, from glass to granite. Their stability also allows for a range of sizes, from 60cm through to 90cm. Conversely, tables with a square or rectangular top can be positioned next to a wall to form a mini bar area. Square tables allow pairs of stools to be placed around each side, whilst rectangular models generally benefit from two stools at each long end.


A tallboy, or chest on chest, is a high chest of drawers

Tapered arms

A gradual thinning of chair arms and sofa arms

Tapered leg

A furniture leg that narrows toward the floor. Tapered legs can be rounded, block style, or spindles, and are found across various styles. Tapered legs can be on sofas, accent chairs, casegoods, and more

Telescopic legs

Legs that can adjust in length, useful when placing furniture on an uneven surface.

Tempered glass

Offering peace of mind within the family home, tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is put through a specific chemical process that causes the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards and therefore less likely to cause injury.


A pillar surmounted by a carved male or female bust, usually armless, which tapers towards the base. Also known as a herm, after the posts bearing the carved head of Hermes which were used as boundary markers in ancient Greece


The feel and appearance of a surface; also refers to the grain of wood

Three-fold mechanism

This is where a sofa becomes a sofa bed with a mechanism involving three folds.


A light, decorative fabric or blanket typically draped over the back of a sofa or the end of a bed. Throw blankets add colour, texture, warmth, and interest to a space. They are available in variety of materials, weaves, and styles to suit any home

Throw pillow

A loose, decorative pillow typically used with sofas, loveseats and large armchairs. Throw pillows can be tossed onto a variety of pieces to add interest and style. Throw pillows can be placed on a sofa, accent chair, loveseat, or a bed. Pillows are available in a variety of colours, materials, prints, and shapes

Throw rug

A small area rug designed as an accent piece. Throw rugs can be placed under a chair, in front of a door, in a hallway, or anywhere to add colour, texture, and interest to the flooring


Ticking is the name given to the tightly woven material on the surface of a mattress.

Tight back

Fully upholstered back designed not to have a cushion or pillow. The tight back design enhances the durability of sofa and couch, loveseat, and other upholstered pieces because the back does not move, and breakdown

Timber policy

Our promise to abide by the highest environmental and ethical code of practice when resourcing natural materials.

Top grain leather

Top grain leather refers to any leather taken from the top portion of a hide.


A topper is a cushioned layer that rests on top of a mattress to increase support and comfort.

Touch-sensitive power recliner

The touch-sensitive power recliner is the ultimate luxury in ultimate relaxation. Recline to your perfect position for relaxing at the touch of a button.

Track arm

A straight, squared off arm, usually found on more contemporary sofas and armchairs. Described as sleek, track arms are lower-profile and scaled down. Various styles of sofas, loveseats, accent chairs, and other pieces feature track arms. Versatile and contemporary, track arms are a common design feature

Traditional look

A look including popular period features, giving a room a timeless style.


Travertine is a type of limestone in a variety of colours including white, cream and rust brown.

Trestle table

A table supported by an upright at each end.

Tripod base

A sturdy three-legged base.


Refers to any art, mirrored piece, or panel made of three separate pieces. Triptych often refers to a series of three photographic or graphic artworks. In interior design, triptychs can be mirrors, abstract panels, or any pieces of three that are used in décor

Trundle bed

A space-saving option for sleepovers. Set on castors, the trundle bed can be stored away under single beds when not in use.


Stitching through the fabric and the layers of filling or padding beneath. Pulled and secured with a knot, ribbon or button. This technique is used on mattresses and also on sofas and chairs, where buttoning can create a traditional look or enhance contemporary designs.

Tufting and buttoning

A classical, traditional technique for securing stuffing to upholstery by pulling out material through the fabric at evenly spaced intervals, then securing those material pulls with upholstered buttons. Frequently used on sofas, chairs and headboards, button tufting is a romantic, traditional accent to home furnishings. Leather and fabric can be tufted

Turned feet

Wooden furniture feet that have been carved with ornate twists and spirals for a classic finish.


An ornamental or structural part of furniture made by rotating a cylindrical piece of wood on a lathe and shaping it with cutting tools.

Tuxedo arms

Slightly flared arms that are the same height as the back. Tuxedo arms are a sleek, streamlined style. Tuxedo arms are more common in contemporary and modern interior design

Tv bed

The ultimate guilty pleasure, make watching tv in bed that bit more luxurious with a built-in entertainment system


A popular, fresh look where furniture has two different finishes, for example white painted and oak.







Furniture that is cushioned and covered in material.


The materials used to cover cushions or furniture.







A bed skirt that is placed underneath a mattress.


Plush fabric similar to velvet made from cotton or synthetic material.


Woven tufted fabric with a short, dense and softly luxurious pile.


A thin slice of decorative wood applied to another wood surface.


The technique of applying thin layers of wood to a piece of furniture


Attractive retro style, with an old-fashioned appeal.

Volakas marble

Greek white marble with grey and taupe veining


A spiral scroll characteristic of ionic capitals, often used as a decorative form on armrests and feet in furniture






Wall hugger

Also known as a wall saver or space saver, wall huggers are recliners that can be placed in close proximity to a wall in the closed position. The reclining mechanism will flow away from the wall to avoid damaging contact with the wall behind the chair.


An aged finish, designed to give a vintage appeal.


A technique of interweaving elastic or fabric to provide support to an upholstered arm, back or seat


A strip of fabric, resembling a cord, sewn between two pieces of upholstery fabric to give a more finished appearance to the seam; usually made by covering a cord with a tube of fabric.


A term given to pieces woven from rattan, willow or reed

Windsor chair

A country-style chair with a solid, shaped seat connected to the legs and chair back with round or flat shaped spindles.

Wingback chair

A wingback chair is a traditional or modern style chair, often fully upholstered distinguished by wings that come from the back of the chair, and extend above the arms on both sides. The original purpose of wings was to protect from drafts. In modern designs, this is purely aesthetic, used to mimic classic or vintage pieces.


A natural material derived from trees, wood is a staple in bar stool, dining chair and table design. Generally, the wood that we use can be divided into two types: organic wood and engineered wood. While the former is a natural by-product of trees, the latter is formed from recycled wood. Both are equally durable, and boast exceptionally intricate grain detail. We produce both solid wood models, as well as those with a wooden veneer bonded to a wooden ply sandwich. Wood veneer is a layer of real wood bonded to a body of engineered wood, forming a stronger structure. Wood can be used to produce legs, seats and table tops, and can be accompanied by a range of materials. Wooden models are available in a range of finishes, from light oak to dark wood, or can be painted for a distinctive look.

Wood stain

A colourant agent used to change the colour or highlight the grain pattern of a specific wood.

Wood veneers

Thin slices of wood obtained by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood, slicing through the growth rings to create an attractive wood grain pattern. Often the finest logs are used. Can increase the strength of a piece of furniture.

Worm holing

A technique of antiquing that makes small holes in the wood mimicking those found in nature made by worms. This adds natural appeal, and is a useful accent in disguising normal wear of furniture













A tropical hardwood ranging in colour from dark purple brown to reddish brown and considered, together with huanghuali, the most precious and luxurious material used in Chinese furniture


Our furniture glossary is always being updated so check back again and continue your learning!

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