Single Ottoman Beds

A Furnish Your Home Single Ottoman Bed can offer the perfect solution for an unutilised spare room as it not only adds an additional sleeping space, it's also practical, offering both storage and sleeping solutions to take advantage of all your home’s space.

Ideal for storing bed linen, guest towels or heavier items such as gym equipment or your life savings because ottoman bed storage is supported by the floor to add extra support and prevent damage to the bed or your items.

Our range of Ottoman Single Beds come in rich faux leather and soft upholstered fabric, available in six luscious colours from demur browns to an exquisite lavender colour that would complement both traditional and contemporary interiors whilst still making a style statement.

A Single Ottoman Bed is also a great addition to a child’s room to provide a clutter free environment. The ottoman bed can easily be used to store an unimaginable number of toys or extra winter coats, leaving them with extra space for activities and to give you peace of mind knowing everything can easily be stored away at the end of play. Plus, all our Single Ottoman Beds come with Free UK Delivery and a 12 Month Guarantee!

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